Haveil Havalim – Round up of Jewish Blogs

Haveil Havalim is a collection of Jewish blog posts that were posted during the previous week. It is a floating blog carnival, hosted by various Jewish and Israeli bloggers every week.

This edition represents a sample of what these bloggers are feeling, what has happened, what is important to them. Each opinion represents only the poster and not the carnival itself – it is part of the glorious fabric we weave each week with our words. Last week, Ruti Mizrachi hosted the carnival on her site, Ki Yachol Nuchal.

While this edition is completely different, featuring key posts from this past week, I’ll go along with one beautiful thing she did – and post some of Israel’s flowers as well. These flowers graced our home this week for Shabbat and will see us through the week.

Politics, Israel and Pretty Much Everything Else: 

One of my favorite blogs is Yid with a Lid. This week, Jeff Dunetz presents Helen Thomas (HATER)1930-2013: Why I’m Proud I “Took Her Down” posted at “The Lid”.

After hearing about a shooting attack (criminal and not terror-related) in my office building, I wrote: Passing Worries and the reality that as we have worried…too soon the time comes when our children worry as well.

One Tired Ema writes, “I’m Ok. You’re OK. It will be OK,” as her moving message to this week’s new immigrants and the latest Nefesh b’Nefesh flight.

Muqata presents Three Obvious Questions on the Current Peace Process

Elder of Ziyon points out that Time magazine’s Karl Vick lists nine reasons to be skeptical about the chances for a peace agreement – and not one of them blames Palestinian Arabs or the PLO.

Daled Amos points out the amazing fact that John Kerry has managed to confer statehood on the West Bank…even before a single seat has been filled at the negotiating table…now that’s talent for you.

The IDF is inviting us all to join their Facebook campaign Operation Facebook!

I found this one by accident – it’s the Infidel Blogger’s Alliance and their post Muslim Call to Prayer in London reminded me of my recent trip there. I also thought it was kind of funny that they named Ayaan Hirsi Li as the “Infidel babe of the week.” While Ayaan Hirsi Li is a beautiful woman, she’s also incredibly intelligent, poised…not what I’d think of as a “babe.” I just received two of her books and I’m loving reading them!

A Mother in Israel is an amazing blog (and person). Her are some of her tips for those struggling with infertility.

A Week of Batya’s Wisdom 

I am always in love with Batya’s posts. She has so much energy – she keeps home and family, job and health…and somewhere in the middle of all that would fill the lives of most women, she finds time to blog and share so much wisdom. So following is a partial collection of the wisdom of Batya! May you go from strength to strength and continue to share your insights, knowledge and love of Israel.

Batya presents:

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