Hamas…in their own words

There are those who have accused me of twisting the hatred that comes towards us. Those who justify this hatred. The people of Gaza, these people would have you believe, are being occupied and so what more can we expect. The truth is that whatever occupation there might have been, ended in August 2005 when Israel removed all Israelis (and Israeli property) from the area.

We destroyed the lives of 9,000 people, making them, to this day, temporary residents in communities not their own. We took their livelihoods away when we forced them to abandon amazing greenhouses that grew some of the best organic vegetables in the world (these were turned over to the Palestinians as another absurd gesture of good will, and as thanks, Palestinian mobs attacked and burned the greenhouses). We abandoned it all – Gaza is not occupied. Except by Hamas, the duly elected government of the Palestinians, who this morning announced that they didn’t want a cease-fire, and promptly shot more rockets into Beersheva, a city of more than 150,000 people.

Lest I be accused of twising Hamas’ words, I found this video on YouTube. Since this is the first time I’ve tried to embed a video, I hope you’ll bear with me. If this works, I present to you Hamas – in their own words. They have been translated, but you are welcome to verify this translation if you have any questions or doubts.

For those who do not want the truth, for those who cannot stand to see the full nature of evil and hatred, I apologize and suggest you skip the video. For the rest, for those who want to understand the hatred that drives Palestinians to commit suicidal attacks and fire rockets at one million Israelis, including my Elie, please see this video.

If you are unable to see it here, the link is:


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