Haiti Rescue

I’ve been watching the international news reports, Twitter, and other places and other than a few Israelis posting about our incredible relief efforts for the people of Haiti, I’m amazed, once again, by the failure of major news outlets to recognize these efforts.

Israel, once again, was among the first to organize and get people on the ground. The largest field hospital in Haiti has been set up…by little Israel from a half-a-world away. Two days ago, 8 students were pulled from the rubble. Today’s story is of a 52-year-old man pulled after days under a collapsed building.

Somewhere in Israel, there is a mother looking at these pictures and as she watches the man crawl under the rubble, knowing that if there was another after-shock, it would collapse on him as surely as it already has on the man he is seeking to rescue. There is no half-way here in this video. This soldier has wormed his body all the way into the building to enable him to reach a man he has never met.

Somewhere in Israel, a mother is wondering if that is her son. She’s so proud of him…and she holds her breath, as I did, until he safely pulled himself and the victim to safety.

The world may never recognize Israel’s tremendous efforts, but I believe there are dozens, hundreds of people in Haiti who know. Kol Hakavod to Tsahal – all honor to the army of Israel and those who have traveled far to save others. We are so proud of you. May you stay safe and come home safe!

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