Goood News and Bad News

Well, according to Israel National News, the good news is that most Saudi Arabians want to improve relations with the US (this according to a recent poll).

The bad news for Israel…they want us dead.

So…there are times in life when you just have to smile quietly and just realize you can’t accommodate all the folks, all the time. You win some, you lose some. And all of that.

I don’t plan on letting that stop my plans and it isn’t exactly like I didn’t think that was the case…so, for all’s well that end’s well – guess it’s time for Israelis to accept the bitter truth. I don’t think they like us too much.


According to Israel National News…

Slightly more than one half of Saudi Arabian citizens would like to see the state of Israel destroyed, according to a telephone poll. 51.3% of the people surveyed said that they “oppose any peace deal that would recognize Israel’s existence and would prefer that all Arabs keep fighting until there is no Israel in the Middle East.”

In addition, 89% had an unfavorable opinion of Jews.

The survey was conducted for Terror Free Tomorrow, among a random sample of 1,004 Saudi Arabian nationals. The organization, which has leading American politicians on its advisory board, emphasized that the survey found most Saudi Arabians favor improving relations with the U.S. and have “turned their back on Bin Laden.”

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