Goldstone Report: Ignoring Evidence

There are so many instances of biased and unfair news coverage, but rarely have we been afforded such an opportunity to show it on a scale easily measured. Here you have it. A report that is almost 600 pages in length…devoting only a tiny, tiny fraction to Israel’s victims of 10,000 rockets…the Goldstone report was and is, a farce, it’s results determined long before they released them. Listen to the testimony of an Israeli doctor, severely wounded by Hamas, further humiliated by the Goldstone mission.

“In July you invited me to testify…I told you my story,” she explains.

For me, every human being is equal,” the Israeli doctor explained. She treats Israeli and Arab patients without discrimination. She was wounded in a missile attack on Askhelon in which  more than 100 people were wounded.

“On May 14, 2008, my life was changed forever. I was working in my clinic. Suddenly, the building was hit by a missile fired from Gaza. I was terribly wounded. Blood was everywhere….next month will be my 8th operation.”

“Judge Goldstone, I told you all this in detail. I testified in good faith. You sent me this letter,” she continued, holding a piece of paper in the air. “Your testimony is an essential part of the mission’s fact-finding. But now, I see your report. I am shocked.”

“Judge Goldstone. 500 page report. Why did you completely ignore my story? My name appears only in brackets in a technical context. I feel humiliated. Why are there only two pages about Israeli victims like me who suffered thousands of rockets for eight years?Why did you choose to focus all on the period of my country’s response, but not on the attacks that caused it?”

See this doctor’s testimony:

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  1. Why?
    Because the world is becoming so insane. Because Journalism get out of its core value big time, you, Dr. received silence on your detailed report.

    I just watched/heard your story with regret and anger. That’s what cost to be an Israeli or a Jew.

    I stand with you, Dr. for the sake of Truth and Justice.

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