Gilad Shalit – It’s all in the Picture

This is a picture of Gilad Shalit. It is being spread around Facebook – presumably taken in his parents’ kitchen. It is from last night – as he lights the second candle of Hanuka – the first time he has been home to do so in six years…

There is much we can learn from this picture – here’s some:

1. Gilad is home – and this picture was released by his family. It was taken by someone in the room with him – not by press lurking about trying to steal his privacy. As such, it is a gift from Gilad and his family to all of Israel. Thank you, it is saying – thank you for leaving me, leaving us, to this time. We know you care – so here’s a glimpse of our son…isn’t he so beautiful. Thank you, Israel.

2. He looks good. Doesn’t he? Thin, but so much more alert. Look at his eyes – they don’t seem haunted. 
3. He still has a long way to go – look at his left hand. He’s got a brace on his hand. This is likely the arm that has undergone surgery, the one in which he had shrapnel for five years while Hamas refused him medical treatment.
4. He’s lighting the Hanukah candles. Hanukah is about a small group defeating a much larger army. There is an irony here. Gilad was one; the large group here might well be Hamas and the 1,000+ murderers, terrorists and thugs they demanded as payment for Gilad. There is victory in this simple picture.
This week we released the last 550 prisoners. One attempted to kill a famous rabbi in Israel…an old man. Upon his release, the prisoner called for the rabbi’s death and said he was not sorry. Of the 550, more than 370 were like this prisoner, convicted of attempted murder. They are different from the first batch only in that they failed to accomplish their mission.
As with the first group, I can only say again that I would rather live in a land that would smile in joy over a simple picture of Gilad in his mother’s kitchen lighting the Hanukah menorah, than live in a land that celebrates the return of 370 attempted murderers. 
Tonight, after a day with my youngest daughter, I sit in my living room as the candles burn. Three candles – as we start the third day of this holiday. Hanukah is the season of our triumph – it is as simple as that.
Happy Hanukah, Gilad – and thanks for giving us another glimpse of your recovery and return.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful article, awesome ! It makes a Mom speechless. I’m missing my son Mark and my daughter-in-law Sunny, but at least I think and hope that they are safe.
    Ms.Jeffry Elaine Douglas

  2. The photo came from an NRG article it says there that it was taken at his neighbors house.
    He went to wish them a Chag Samach and they asked him if he wanted to light the candles:)

    He said in the articular that when in captivity he thought about sufganiyot a lot:) so happy he can have as many as he wants this year!!
    Chag Samach:)

    כשהוא במצב רוח טוב הגיע גלעד שליט לשכניו כדי לאחל להם חג שמח והוזמן להדליק נר שני. “בשבי חשבתי הרבה על סופגניות”, אמר לנוכחים

    עדי חשמונאי | 22/12/2011 8:05
    תגיות: גלעד שליט בדרך הביתה
    לראשונה זה חמש שנים חגג אמש גלעד שליט את חג החנוכה בקרב בני משפחתו וקרוביו. גלעד ביקר בבית שכניו כדי לאחל להם חג אורים שמח ואלו הזמינו אותו להדליק נר שני של חנוכה.

    “כשהייתי בשבי חשבתי הרבה על סופגניות”, סיפר שליט. אגב, הנוכחים בחדר סיפרו כי גלעד היה במצב רוח טוב וכי הם מצדם שמחו לראות איך עלה במשקל.

    בתחילת השבוע באה לסיומה באופן רשמי עסקת חילופי השבויים, אחרי שישראל השלימה את חלקה ושחררה בסך הכך 1,027 אסירים פלסטינים בתמורה לחייל החטוף.

    חודשיים בדיוק מאז השתחרר גלעד שליט אחרי חמש וחצי שנים בשבי חמאס, שוחררו 550 האסירים הפלסטינים אותם התחייבה ישראל לשחרר בשלב ב’. במוקטעה ברמאללה חיכתה להם קבלת פנים עם בכירים ברשות ונציגי הפלגים.

    505 אסירים שוחררו לשטחי יהודה ושומרון, 41 הועברו לרצועת עזה, דרך מעבר כרם שלום, שני אסירים בעלי אזרחות ירדנית הועברו לירדן דרך גשר אלנבי. שניים נוספים, תושבי מזרח ירושלים, שוחררו לביתם.

    הפעם האחרונה שבה נראה שליט בציבור, הייתה לפני כשבועיים, אז הוא דיבר לראשונה מאז שוחרר משבי חמאס. בכינוס מיוחד שערכה משפחת שליט לאות הוקרה לפעילי המטה לשחרורו של בנם, שודרה קלטת ובה פנה אל הפעילים והודה להם.

    גלעד שליט מדליק נרות חנוכה צילום: עמיקם חורש

    גלעד שליט בהדלקת נרות חנוכה צילום: עמיקם חורש

  3. my god, how young he looks!
    actually, he doesnt look that good to me at all. he still looks very skinny, and his expression is kind of vacant.
    i only hope the best for him, and a quick recovery of both body and spirit.

  4. This is beautiful. I understand about respecting Gilad’s privacy, but I hope we continue to hear more good news about him in the months ahead.

    Thank you for writing this blog. As a person who has never been to Israel (but who would LOVE to go and experience your beautiful culture!), I very much enjoy reading things from your point of view. I got teary-eyed reading the archives. Please continue!

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