Gilad # 3 on Twitter Trends

Tweeple (people who Twitter) have succeeded so far in raising Gilad to # 3 in the list of current top trends. Will it help Gilad?

I can’t answer that – I can only say it shows the love we have for him and his family, the need to see one young man returned to his mother and father. Years ago, I knew an amazing man who worked so hard to help others. He spent long hours fighting so others in a far away land would be free and have the right to leave the country in which they were oppressed.

The man was married and his wife had a baby. The baby was born with many problems and died a few years later. Within a short time, his wife became pregnant and had another baby – that baby too was born with similar genetic problems and despite hours of people coming and working with her, despite the prayers of her family and community, the second little girl died.

At her funeral, the man stood up and looked around at the people who had come to mourn and in a broken voice, he told everyone, “Don’t ever say her life had no meaning; don’t ever say she shouldn’t have been born. Look how much love came from the life of this one child, how many people loved her, came to help her.”

Will all that we are doing on Twitter help? I don’t know if Gilad will come home today or in the coming days but don’t ever say that our efforts have no meaning. Look at how much love we are showing for this one child, this one family.

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