Gaza Heartbreak and a Dead Child

It’s such a sad picture…the sheer agony on the man’s face…the bloody body of a child. And it is from Gaza today – a child injured in an Israeli air strike. A poor Palestinian child murdered.

Oh my God, I would cry too. It is, indeed, a truly heartbreaking photo…

What can I say about this tragic picture? I can try to explain about innocents who die because their government thought firing rockets at another country would be allowed.

I could try to explain about how we target their military assets while they target our civilians but that would mean little to this man after the loss of a child much loved.

Except…except – it’s fraud again. The child that was killed – wasn’t killed by Israel, wasn’t in Gaza, it wasn’t today. It wasn’t Shifra hospital. It just wasn’t…isn’t…not….

What it IS, is Gaza, once again trying to fool the world. The picture is from last month. The picture is from Syria.

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