Five more orphans….

This morning, I had to go to work in Herziliya at a client’s site. About 10 days ago, I fell and hurt my arm. Mobility is a bit limited (and yes, I need to make an appointment for an ultrasound and I need to make an appointment to do physical therapy…) and so my wonderful children – Amira, Elie and Shmulik and my husband, have been driving me around. 

They’ve changed their schedules – Amira drove me to work, went to university, and then came back to pick me up. Elie has left earlier than he needs to or gone out of his way. He’s taken me shopping twice – pushing the cart, loading the car. Shmulik took the day off today to drive me to and from the client – sitting at a side desk for several hours waiting for me to finish my meetings, discussions, etc. Yaakov and Chaim’s sister – yeah, she deserves her name here too…so…Mera invited us to dinner on a Friday night, saving me from having to cook; Lauren (and Elie) cooked another Shabbat for me. Chaim called me – and in a voice that is only his, said, “PAULA….” – which is his way of reminding me that I need to make those appointments…

Words cannot express how much I love them all and how amazing they have been.

I wanted to write about this today…but like much of what happened in Israel today, our regular was interrupted by the bad. At this moment, there is a funeral happening in Israel. We are burying Evyatar Borowsky. I never met Evyatar and I never will.

This morning, as Shmulik drove me and we talked, the tone of the radio changed – a shooting attack was reported. A knife attack…shooting. The picture became clearer in the minutes that followed. Evyatar was attacked by an Arab – stabbed repeatedly and his gun was grabbed by his assailant. The Arab shot Evyatar, mortally wounding him and then opened fire on border guards who were nearby.

The guards quickly opened fire, wounding the attacker. An eyewitness, Yehuda Shimon, gave this account to Arutz Sheva:

I was coming from the direction of my house, and I saw an Arab man break away from a group of Arab men standing south of the junction. He came toward the hitchhiking post and jumped on one of the people there, pressed against him, and was pushed back. 

At that point I didn’t see what exactly was going on. I stopped my car. A few seconds later the Arab man started to go back to the point he came from, while shooting at an IDF position nearby. Soldiers shot back at him. I got out of my car and the woman who was getting a ride with me crouched down beside the car, because we couldn’t tell if he was shooting at us or at the IDF post. I started to give first aid to the injured man. I turned him on his back, lifted his shirt, which was drenched in blood. I saw stab wounds and I tried to stop the blood until paramedics got there. 

When the paramedics got there I left the wounded man. Police arrived, too, and I pointed them in the direction the terrorist had gone. Apparently the terrorist had been hit by the shots fired at him, he had fallen in the middle of the road with his gun about a meter away. He was still moving. I went back to the wounded [Israeli] man and the paramedic told me he had died. I said the ‘Shema Yisrael’ and closed his eyes, and then the soldiers started arriving.

Shema Yisrael – is the final prayer, final declaration a Jew says before dying. Evyatar was 31 years old. He was training to be a medical clown – one of a number of amazing people who go from hospital to hospital making patients smile and laugh. Evyatar was the father of five children – the oldest is only 7 years old.

Al Aksa group – which calls itself the military wing of Fatah, has already taken responsibility. Fatah is the peace partner that Obama tells us we must acknowledge.

As the sun sets here in Israel tonight, there are several communities in mourning but most of all, there is a young widow with five children who have just lost their father. The terrorist was evacuated to an Israeli hospital where doctors will work to save his life…it doesn’t seem fair.

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  1. ProphetJoe // May 1, 2013 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of Evyatar Borowsky.

    Now, about your arm, Paula… get your act together young lady! Every 6 months (or so) you seem to injure something! Remember when your foot/leg was injured and you were worried about an upcoming wedding?? We remember! So, get those appointments made and get back to 100% and QUIT having these nasty accidents.


  2. Hey, Prophet Joe – you make me sound like a klutz! And…ahem…the ankle injury was over a year ago – even…maybe 18 months ago… and it really is fine…and…I know…I know…I just don’t have time…I’m working on it…I am…really….it’s just…life, you know…and hey – I managed to drive myself to work today…and taught the whole class with only a few “ouches” when I tried to point to something…I’ll try – thanks so so so much for caring! Means the world to me.

  3. Oh – and about that “young lady” comment…wow – thanks!

  4. Anonymous // May 10, 2013 at 7:06 am // Reply

    I’m sorry to hear about this atrocity. You mention the not-so esteemed Obama at the end. There is a growing awareness over here of the realities of this fraud. I probably don’t need to say this, but I’ll say it anyway.

    Do not listen to the taqiyya he spews. He is a closet muslim and is working hard to undermine Israel and the US. Do not believe a word the liar says and never ever allow him to force you into the deal with the devil he wants for you. Never trust any muslim, ever.

    What is the perception in Israel regarding the 200 Abraham tanks and f-16’s he is giving muslim brotherhood Morsi? A friend who cares about Jews and Israel.

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