@Farah961, the Flotilla, and the Palestinian Lie

Let me introduce you to today’s anti-Semite. Farah Abou Kharroub, also known as @Farah961 on Twitter, and I were discussing the Middle East. She started off right away by showing her ignorance:

No, @Farah961. I will not fall for your lies. The truth is too well documented.

The flotilla is definitely not for humanitarian reasons. Just over a month ago, the Red Cross confirmed what Israel has known all along – there is NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza – their words…and ours. In 2009, 2010 and before and after, the United Nations has confirmed there is no crisis. Israel sends in truckloads of aid; the Egyptians and the Israelis have promised to deliver any and all aid to Gaza – this is NOT about humanitarian assistance. The next part of what you wrote is even more wrong. It shows either your ignorance, or your intention to betray the truth. Israel most definitely does NOT stop “all the food from entering Gaza.”

Repeated photos, videos and more all show weekly deliveries and again, there’s the Red Cross’ statement of confirmation. But @Farah961 is not done. She has more to add:

Yes, @Farah961 – the people in Gaza do need help – mostly, however, they need saving from their corrupt leaders who squander billions of dollars in foreign aid to build themselves fancy malls and mansions and pools. And, they need help from their ignorant religious leaders who want them to chase death and martyrdom. 
As to the children needing comfort – perhaps that would be better than what most of their parents currently give or allow them to be given – brainwashing and indoctrination into the culture of death that plagues Gaza and Palestinian society. And no, @Farah961, we are not the purveyors of terror in the Middle East and the world, that would be your people. 
It was Palestinians who broke into the home of the Fogel family in Itamar and murdered, in cold blood, a father, a mother, a 10 year old, a 3 year old, and…oh God – a 3 month old baby girl. The cruelty of that murder haunts us and always will while little Hadas’ murderer has only the regret that he didn’t manage to kill her other two small brothers. No, we are not the terrorists, not the ones who plant bombs on buses and launch 14,000 rockets at cities without direction, discretion.
@Farah961 is like many on Twitter and other social media networks. She wants to tell you her side but is not open to listening to facts. She doesn’t recognize the murder of a baby as terrorism if that baby is Jewish; she doesn’t recognize any facts that don’t serve her agenda. But she is frustrated that we argue with her, angered that we don’t fall for her lies. 
She hates Israel…she wants you to know and the more you answer her, the angrier she gets. Until that terrible moment when the truth slips out. It really isn’t Israel she hates. It really isn’t Israelis. It isn’t that she is anti-Israel or anti-Zionist. No…here is the truth – the real truth of why she and her people fight so hard, use terror and rockets and do not hesitate to spill the blood of their hated foes, even when that foe is a little baby girl barely old enough to have given her first smiles.

“Hitler made a mistake” this horrible woman writes. And what was this mistake? “He died before killing all of you.” But Hitler didn’t kill Israelis, did he @Farah961? Had Israel existed when Hitler came to power, it would have flown in to save our people. We came 50 years too late, one Israeli general once apologized to the graves of Poland. Jews died in World War II because we had not yet re-established our home in our ancient homeland. Israel was re-born in 1948 and so Jews were massacred in 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945.

This battle that began in 1948 is fought by Israel. And yet, as Farah Abou Kharroub shows us, it is really the same war we have fought for thousands of years. The hatred of @Farah961 is the hatred of her people and interestingly enough, just as she betrayed herself in that last post, she also betrays herself in her bio on Twitter:

She is proud to tell you that she is “Palestinian till death!”

Funny, when I think of my people and my family and my country, I think of life, not death. I would write something like “Jewish forever” or “Israeli forever” – death will not part me from my beliefs, my country, my  identity. But @Farah961 of Beirut, Lebanon is typical of her culture – she worships death and apparently Hitler as well. Thus she is Palestinian till death and Hitler her ideal.

So @Farah961, let me tell you one more thing from someone you hate to the core of your being. No, we will not leave Israel, not now, not ever. Israel has been ours throughout the centuries, millennia before the world ever heard of a single “Palestinian.” We will not get out of OUR land. Once, 63 years ago, we offered to share it with you so that there would be peace. Your people stupidly turned to war and lost.

You did it again and again while your Arab brothers kept you in refugee camps and nurtured your hatred until you believed you are entitled to our land, all of it, not just what the UN might have given you. We have been ready to make peace for 63 years. We have waited while your people launched wars, terror attacks, rockets and mortars at us.

Now, you speak of Hitler and wish he had completed his plan for the Jews. So let me tell you the future, the truth, as I see it. It is, if you must know, rooted in the past.

Your words betray the truth – you are no better than the enemies our people have faced throughout time – Amalek, the ancient Egyptians, Haman, the ancient Romans, the Crusaders and the Cossacks, those who came to our towns and brought pogroms, the Nazis and you. All those before you have faded from time while the Jew and his land remain. You too will fade as they did, a victim not of us, but of your own hatred.

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  1. There are so many oblivious idiots on the web that I’ve just stopped paying attention to them. I feel like arguing with them is simply a waste of my time, and only frustrates me. Especially when I see that there is no reasoning with these people.

  2. Your views are distorted. As an American it disgusts me to see the billions of dollars of our hard earned tax dollars we give Israel gets used to support you and your hate for other human beings. Please consider spending your time doing more productive things than this kind of blog.

  3. Well Said.
    Only one ‘religion’ calls for the distruction of all other religions.
    The problem is not Palestine but the religion calling for the death of the Jews.It’s not about land or occupation,it never was and it never will be.

  4. You got nothing better to do than that?

  5. Why is it the leftist idiots seem to thrive on social media these days? I know they have a well-funded, well-organized system in place — everything from George Soros to the MSM, but it just gets depresssing…

    JEWS are to blame! JEWS are to blame!

    If the climate is getting warmer, it’s the Jews fault. If Arabic terrorists fly planes into NYC skyscrapers, it’s the Jews fault. If Palestinians blow themselves up in order to get 72 virgins, it’s the Jews fault.

    Wake up, people. Contrary to what you hear on American TV, George Bush didn’t cause this mess. It’s been festering since WW II (actually, much longer, but in this case, I specifically am referring to the UN chartering of the State of Israel). For most of the last 100 years, Palestine referred to the historical home of the Jewish people, not Arabs. The fact that the Arabs have tried war after war against the Israelis (and lost) only shows their anti-Semitic leanings. Instead of facing these facts, the media gives us “Palestinians: the Uber-vicitms”

    Spare me…

  6. Ms. Farah is ignorant. Not meant as an insult but it is a real observation made.

  7. Shalom!

    Bravo! Well said! I’m not Jewish or Israeli, but I do support Israel. I am going to spend a year in beautiful Israel, and I can’t wait to wake up every day in Israel. I think that bringing Hitler and World War 2 in a discussion is just childish, and it show how ignorant some people are and it’s also disrespectful to the people who lost their lives in the war.

    @sunnyorsandy: Are you really serious about what are you writing? As a human being it disgust me that someone people close their eyes on the Lebanese and Syrian treatment of Palestinians. According to Amnesty international is Lebanon violating six conventions. If you are so disgusted by what you said that your tax dollars you give Israel to support “hate” for other human beings, then you should be mortified what Lebanon and Syria is doing to the Palestinians. I wonder why there isn’t any flotilla to Lebanon and Syria with “aid”? The only reason people are picking on Israel is because Israel has the powerful army in the Middle East. If you put all the Arab countries together in one army, you still get an army with the strength of a donkey.

  8. Anonymous // July 2, 2011 at 1:35 pm // Reply

    Sunny/Sandy are you crazy? How can you say Paula is being the hateful one, when it is Farah961, who said she wishes Hitler would have completed his job of murdering all Jews? Then again maybe you are Farah. One things for sure,you do not represent Americans because the majority of Americans are very proIsrael and have been for years.

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