Elie and War with Iran

An artillery person has an interesting view of war and the world.

“So, do you think there’ll be a war with Iran?” I asked Elie recently.

“There can’t be a war with Iran,” Elie answered. You might want to tell that to the US government, most of Europe and even a few of our own leaders, I thought to myself as I asked him to clarify.

“We can shoot missiles at each other, but it won’t be a war.” A war, according to Elie, is a long, involved fight between two sides, mostly likely with ground forces and certainly with a lot more fire power than he expects to happen with Iran.

Will Israel fly to Iran and bomb their nuclear development plants? Will the US attempt such an action? This is as unknown to Elie as it is to most of the world. But whatever happens, according to Elie, won’t be a war. Who am I to argue with someone who spent weeks fighting one? According to Wikileaks…and rumors/claims which are currently impossible to prove, Israeli commandos and Kurds have undermined and destroyed much of Iran’s nuclear sites.

Is it true? No idea – somehow, if it is, I think I’d be left with the feeling that it can’t have been that simple.

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