Don’t Forget to Tell Abba…

My computer, my laptop, my connection to the world on days like today when I’m home sick…has been working r e a l l y   r e a l l y slowly. This happened once before any my husband fixed it. I don’t know what he did and he doesn’t remember.

I anti-virused it; I defragged it. I de-spybotted it; I de-temp filed it. I’m stuck. I sometimes play this mindless game of “bubbleshooter” – now the bubbles go s l o w l y crashing into other bubbles…

Lazer told me to ask Shmulik – who is taking a network management course and is learning the ins and outs of operating systems. What’s clear is the computer is using up its resources somewhere.

Shmulik came up – and saw that the computer was holding on to memory, but wasn’t sure why. He adjusted something and as he restarted the computer, he asked me what was with the screen saver – it was a light purple background.

I told him that I had shut off all the pictures and had chosen a simple background.

“PICTURES?????” he asked. “Which pictures?”

“Pictures,” I told him, “the nice ones, wedding pictures.”

He groaned and grinned – if you can do that at the same time, “how many pictures?”

I don’t know…”30, maybe 40.”

He was almost laughing by now. “You know each of those pictures is like 4 MB, right?”

Sure…um…sure, I knew that.

“And you’re changing the picture…what…every 2-3 minutes?”

“More like every 30 seconds,” I answered sheepishly, beginning to figure out what Shmulik already knew. We had apparently found my memory hog.

By now, Shmulik was quickly switching to the graphics display to show the very nice default Windows landscape.

Sure enough – bubbleshooter is now sending those bubbles flying across the screen and I actually don’t ever remember my computer working so fast.

And, as he left to shower and go to work, Shmulik turned and said with this huge grin, “I fixed it – don’t forget to tell Abba!”

I asked him if maybe we could keep it to ourselves, but apparently not.

Oh well…at least I can play faster now…

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