Don’t Drink Coffee in New Zealand

Ok, you can drink coffee in New Zealand – unless you are Israeli. In that case, perhaps you’d better just go to the store and ask for a Coke? I’m sure this isn’t funny – but, on the other hand, one can hope that local residents and visitors will choose to “refuse” to serve this cafe and not purchase there any more. I’m also equally sure that Israel’s war efforts and the task it must do in Gaza will not be effected by one man’s hatred.

Two Israeli women described themselves as “shocked” after being expelled from a New Zealand cafe this week because they are Israeli citizens. The cafe’s owner, a Turkish Muslim, said he had refused to serve the two as a protest against Israel’s Cast Lead operation in Gaza, and added that he would deny service to any other Israelis who entered his shop.

Local officials said the storeowner’s actions were illegal.

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