Don’t Cry for Him, Gaza

In a pinpoint strike, Israel has assassinated Ahmed al-Jabari – equivalent to the Chief of Command of Hamas. al-Jabari died as he lived – a man of hatred and violence. I do not mourn his passing, nor do I celebrate it. That is not what Jews do. It is said that as the ancient Egyptians were drowning in the Red Sea as the Jews crossed into Sinai on their way to the land that God had promised them – that the angels themselves celebrated and danced. And they asked God why he was not celebrating too. God answered that he could not celebrate while his creations were dying. 
Even though they had persecuted His beloved people and refused His will by not letting the Jews go, still God was teaching us not to celebrate the deaths of others. I have to admit, I’m not that good. There is a part, deep inside of me that is happy that Ahmed al-Jabari is no more. There will be hell to pay – already, Gaza is screaming that this is a declaration of war. I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t think their firing 160 rockets and mortars at Israel in the last 5 days wasn’t a declaration, but no matter.
The operation has started – already Israel has given it a name. Operation Pillar of Defense…
Don’t cry for him, Gaza
And because I can’t resist it… Don’t cry for me, Argentina

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