Do You Want to Be Sued by the Army?

Shmulik came home last week. I picked him up with two others from his unit along the path from his base to Jerusalem. When we got home, he confirmed he was hungry…little surprise from a soldier just home. The problem is that it was almost Passover and so pickings are slim in the house. Passover is a time of deep spiritual…and physical challenges. We clean the house of all bread and leavened objects. We use different plates and pots…clean it all away and startWe had pizza the night before so Shmulik made do.

As he was warming up the second piece, Elie came down. He was interested in a piece as well…but this was the last one. Shmulik offered it to Elie; Elie told him he could have it too.

I came up with the simple solution of cutting the piece in half. I took the pizza cutter…but the counters were clean…things were in the middle of moving to Passover and so Shmulik held it as I tried to cut it. Nothing happened…as in the pizza wasn’t agreeing to be cut. But the funny part was that at one point, the cutter slipped a bit – no one was hurt, but Shmulik said, “Do you want to be sued by the army?”

It was adorable…and a sign that for the next bit…Shmulik belongs, in some sense…to the army.

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