Do you live far enough away from Iran?

If not, would you consider moving? Are you sure, where you are, that you can’t be hit by an Iranian missile? Much of the world is within range, though many think it is our problem alone. I just came across a website that can tell you whether or not you are in range…and of what. It’s an eye-opening experience to click on the various missiles and watch them explode across the map.

There are many debates about what Israel will do – I prefer to know what the world will not do. I spoke to Elie about Iran. It’s too far away for artillery to be involved. “It won’t be a war, Ima. It will be an operation. They are too far away for it to be a war.”

Whatever it is called, it will once again involve danger to our country and, as the site and image below show, many other countries as well.

We live in an age of great special effects. This site uses some to show Iran’s far-reaching danger to much of the world. Do you live far enough away from Iran? I know that I don’t; my children don’t. We are within range. Next month, Israel will have a nation-wide drill in which they will ask everyone to immediately take cover. I assume they will do it when the children are in school. It won’t be like the last time, when they weren’t expecting an alarm to go off. This time they will explain to our children.

There is a country, not far enough away. They don’t want us to exist; they have weapons that could make us stop existing. No, that’s too much. They…they may choose to attack us and we have to be ready. Is that any better?

They will not explain to our children that what Hitler did in 6 years and a World War, Ahmadinejad and Iran could do in minutes. That too is too frightening for a child. But somehow, with as little fear as possible, they will explain to the children that soon there will be an alarm and it’s a test. This time, it will be a test.

They won’t show them this map. They won’t let them click and watch Israel be covered as the red circle covers the earth across Israel and Africa, Europe and the Atlantic. I can’t foretell the future but it is likely in the time the Elie or his brothers serve in the Israel army, Iran will gain a nuclear weapon. They will…unless we stop them. The only questions now are whether you live far enough away from Iran…and if you are part of the “we.”

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