Did you know you could be killed in two places? Busted Again

Apparently it’s true. Once again, the Arabs are using their children’s blood to try to fool the world into thinking that Israel is doing…what they are actually doing to us and to themselves.

Note this picture – posted on Twitter and by @SyrianCommando and others. Retweeted around the world…a lie again. Look, he cries out to you in his agony and pain…look! While the Arabs are slapping each other ont he back, here’s what Israel is doing to school children. See the boy? Well, he doesn’t tell you his name, but it’s clear he is saying Israel killed him in Gaza, no?

And the answer, of course, is really no. His name was Alaa Habroosh. And yes, as you can see in the picture above…and the picture below, he does appear to be dead. But, Israelis didn’t kill him – the Syrians did. He died in Syria, not Gaza. And though I sincerely regret his death, all I can say to @Syriancommando and other Gaza tweeters is – BUSTED AGAIN!


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