Danger Zones

The reality in Israel is that tens of thousands of Arabs freely travel, shop, study and visit Israeli cities every day.

The reality in Israel, as shown in the article below – and in the many similar articles like this one that appear somewhat regularly in Israeli newspapers and Internet sites, is that an Israeli going into an Arab town or village in most places in Israel – take their lives into their hands.

Why is that?

It’s a question that should be asked and answered. Why does an Israeli merely going into an Arab village to shop, get his car fixed, or perhaps even by accident, endanger his lives? Why is that?

The answer isn’t popular, but it is very much a part of Israel.

Israeli stoned, hurt after entering West Bank village
Published: 04.12.08, 21:38 / Israel News

An Israeli civilian sustained light wounds after Palestinians hurled stones at his vehicle in a West Bank village south of Ramallah. The man entered the village in order to get his car fixed. (Efrat Weiss)

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