Dancing in Jerusalem

Sometimes no words are necessary…Davidi goes to school in Jerusalem – I’m hoping somewhere in the midst of all those who are dancing and waving the flags today is my son, Davidi. All of Jerusalem is decked out in blue and white today, dancing through the streets on their way to the Old City and to the Western Wall.

Dancing in the Streets of Jerusalem

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  1. Anonymous // May 20, 2012 at 5:16 pm // Reply

    all I see is men?!

  2. In religious circles, men and women dance separately – so, in this case, that’s what was posted – I’m sure there were other places where women danced – I just found this one and posted it…but man or woman – we all celebrated today!

  3. Girls are dancing – my daughter’s whole class is out there too. In fact, most of her high school is.

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