Cowardly Journalist? Meet @Khuraasani

I love Twitter – I really do. I meet some really interesting people…sometimes.

And then there was this one. I got this tweet from a man named Khuraasani. He lives in London, identifies himself as a freelance journalist, says he “reports the missing bits of news” – and looks a heck of a lot more like a terrorist than any journalist I know. He wrote to me:

So what he’s done is confirm what I already know – yes, this is a war…of sorts. Though nothing like the war that will come if the Arabs don’t stop. Then, without knowing me, he makes an assumption, that I hope Palestinians will die. I don’t. I really, really don’t. I want them to live – in peace and prosperity. I want them to be so happy, so content with their lives, they’ll leave us to live in peace. He does confirm that he hopes our soldiers will due. I actually didn’t doubt that but felt it wasn’t my place to tell others what was in their thoughts. “We pray you pray,” he concludes. I find that part interesting as well. To me, you don’t admit to hating someone and wanting them to die and mix that with the concept of prayer.
It was also interesting that while he wants to suggest we want all Palestinians to die, he is saying he only wants our soldiers to die – nice try at propaganda though the fact that we target their “soldiers” while they target our civilians sort of shoots his theory down. My response was quite simple. I called him a coward. I told him that I didn’t think he and his buddies were brave enough to take on our soldiers – otherwise, why else would they keep aiming at our civilians. 

And after writing this, I looked at his profile. He’s a fraud, of course. He lives in London. Does he really want people to believe he walks around with a rifle on his shoulder? But clearly, he is proud of the gun – look at the smile; the grin he has. Perhaps one could say it is even a smirk. He is, after all, so superior sitting there in London dreaming of a world without Israelis, spreading his message of hate.
Journalist? Probably not. Coward, oh yes.

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