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This is not the post I plan to write, thanking those of you who are praying for Elie and taking so much time to write to me and give me support. The mothers of American soldiers in Iraq whose sons are there are writing to me and I am humbled. My son is at war now for a week, yours have been there for months. I complain because I haven’t talked to him for a few days, how often do you get to hear your son’s voice? The former soldiers (is there such a thing?) from the American army and from the Israeli army, you are proof that soldiers go to war…and come home…and you write to tell me to trust in Elie’s training, to believe, and have faith.

No, I can’t write to thank you now because I have to wait till this is over and Elie is home safe. If I start to tell you what your words mean to me, I’ll crumble. So, this is a comment on the comments that I receive that I don’t publish. Many are hateful and filled with lies. The evidence is there – in black and white video showing them firing from the school. The formal complaint filed by the United Nations several months ago is a fact and can be checked.

What is interesting is how many people don’t bother writing their names – Anonymous makes things so easy to say hurtful things and watch from the sidelines hoping your little bomb of hatred finds its target.

Anonymous wrote: There were no mortars fired from the school. The UN and other independent organizations all agree on this. Please stop spreading lies just to ease your conscience.

Any sentence that begins with “The UN and other independent organizations all agree” has to be given the value it deserves – none. The United Nations is anything but independent. Where was the United Nations for the last 8 years when rockets were falling? Where has the United Nations been while Hamas, the supposedly legitimate, duly-elected government of the Palestinians refuses to allow any access to our prisoner of war, Gilad Shalit, for almost three years now? And where was the United Nations when Palestinians fired mortars from that school. As for easing my conscience, if I don’t sleep at night, it is because I am worried about my son, all my sons, and now my nephew too. They are down there, along with one million Israelis, and unlike our army, the Palestinians make no effort to avoid civilian targets – quite the opposite. No leaflets warning Sderot are released; no statement at all.

Anonymous (or another) was at it again, this time getting personal. This is very common and my greatest consolation is that when I read these to Elie, he’s going to laugh. For that alone, I thank the creative writers who think they can solve the Middle East conflict by insulting my son.

Anonymous wrote: Your son is a faggot a** ***** a** f*****g murderer, f******g greedy a** jew

Anonymous (same or another) wrote: Shut up jew

Well…hmmm…..sorry for all the “asterisks” but, I, at least, am trying not to be offensive. Let’s see. No, my son is not a murderer. As time goes by and his artillery unit continues to fire on command (and no, I am not shifting this to those who give the command. If Elie were ordered to fire on a crowd of civilians, he would refuse, but then again, he’d never be given that order in the first place), the chance that Elie’s shells have not killed anyone gets smaller and smaller. This is war and the enemy is firing at us. That the enemy “only” has weapons that by and large miss…isn’t true. They have other, more advanced weapons they have yet to use, as they themselves have warned us many times. Missiles that can hit Tel Aviv, a huge metropolis where hundreds of thousands of people live.

For now, their main goal is to terrorize, to interrupt life here and yes, if they can kill a few people, all the better. In Israel, it is often said, to be a realist, you must believe in miracles. Yesterday, a rocket fired from Lebanon landed on the roof of an old age home. Three people were lightly wounded. A few weeks ago, a young Israeli girl in the south woke up and found a hole in her bedroom ceiling, and a rocket on her floor. These are the miracles God grants to Israel almost daily.

My son is not greedy – sure, he might have hogged his toys when he was a child, but he’s really gotten so much better. He lets his younger brother play with his PSP when he comes home and he is often the first to get up and help me around the house. Rather than greedy, I’d like to say he is careful with his things. Can we agree on this?

And, the clincher, you called my son a “jew” – though as a writer, I have to tell you that you are supposed to capitalize proper nouns and so you should have called him a Jew. Yes, guilty as charged and very proud of it. And, therein lies much of the truth of this war and the hatred I see in some of the comments. My son is a Jew, and even worse, by the standards Anonymous lives by, my son is a proud and strong Jew. Three times a day, he thanks God for all of life’s wonders and asks for blessings for himself, his family, his friends and his country.

The rest of the day, while following laws we received thousands of years ago, including the one that says, “Thou shalt not murder,” he defends his land. The commandment does not say, “Thou shalt not kill.” Killing is bad and tragic, but sometimes it is commanded. We are commanded to kill those who seek to kill us, and we were commanded to kill Amalek, a bitter enemy who attacked the weak and the young amongst our people as we were taken out of Egypt. As a nation, we failed. We didn’t kill Amalek because we showed compassion, and our punishment through the centuries has been that God has presented Amalek to us again and again. Hitler was a modern-day Amalek; and in many ways, so was Yasir Arafat. Today’s Amaleks fire into our cities and try to blow themselves up in our cafes and buses and malls.

Sometimes, Anonymous (the same or another) attacked me and not my son. I’d like to tell you know that I prefer this. Oh, no, I mean, I don’t like it, but at least be man (or woman) enough to know that these words are mine. So I’ll respond to the same or another anonymous who told me to shut up. (Shut up, jew). That, I cannot do, nor will I. As for being a “jew” – again, with great pride, I agree.

Anonymous wrote: F*** off hook nosed *****

Look, we all are what we are and this one hurts. My nose is not hook-nosed. It could be smaller, but I can’t change what I was born with and I sort of need my nose. If it is any consolation, with a bit of makeup, especially if I put on eye makeup, my nose seems more proportional to my face and really, what does that have to do with my being a soldier’s mother?

There were two other kinds of posts. There are those who question what Israel has done and try to reason with me, as a mother. They assume the media is correct and question Israel’s actions. Some comments are so incredibly wrong that with even a bit of reason, you can see they are nonsense. Here are a few:

Actually, Israel knew there were civilians in the building because the UN gave them the coordinates so Israel would not attack it.

Israel has some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. Why would we need the UN to give us coordinates … and since we complained about the school being used as a launching ground in the past, why would we now need the UN to tell us it was there?

The area that your army is attacking is a civilian area. There are no bases in Gaza. Palestinian defenders are abviously not going to stand in the open and allow your airforce to bomb them.

No, our army has attacked numerous military targets – training bases, operational headquarters and dozens and dozens of arsenals. Even at the school, there were secondary explosions — there, where the UN agreed to give sanctuary to hundreds of people — proving, again, that Hamas was storing arms in that school.

There is an incredible amount of information the UN seems not to know, all of a sudden. It didn’t know about the explosives inside its own building? It didn’t know about the mortars being launched from the front yard? Sorry, but this bends credibility to the point that it breaks.

There most definitely are military bases in Gaza – Hamas bases and those of several other Palestinian terrorist groups. There are also vast open areas of territory where these bases could have and should have been located.

Palestinians love to say they are the most densely, packed in population in the world – another lie. There vast areas of open land that could be used for training and storing weapons. I know because I have been in Gaza, I have taken pictures.

But the last sentence was perhaps the most interesting, “Palestinian defenders are abviously [sic] not going to stand in the open” because it made me think of my son. My son is out in the open. There are no buildings where he is; he showers, when he can, with water brought to them in a truck. They are open, exposed, to rockets that are fired no less so than the Palestinian gunmen and yet my son’s unit is positioned away from major population centers lest they draw fire and innocents get injured.

Then, there were those who tried to be neutral … well, not exactly, like this one:

I hope we get rid of you both Israel and Palestine.

Believe me, friends – you can’t make this stuff up.

Oh, and this one –

If the state of israel did not exist, nothing would have ever happened there in the 1st place (no mass destruction, deaths, tight security, ……..)! Stupid Belfore pact!

Beyond the mistakes (Israel with a capital “I” and Balfour Declaration, not Belfore pact), it seems that, once again, Israel is to blame for it all. No mass destruction (what mass destruction?), deaths…oh, and tight security. There you go, those of you who live in America. Next time you go through tight security at an airport, you are apparently supposed to blame us, not the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center, attacked the Pentagon, the London subways, the Madrid trains, the Mumbai hotels, the Bali resort, American embassies in Kenya and Sudan, the U.S.S. Cole (and I’m running out of space or I would continue).

And finally, as this post is getting rather long and I still have so much to do today…there was one more that, all kidding aside, no mother should have to read. It is a message of such intense hatred; and, yet, it is important because it is a reflection of all that we fight against. This one, however, did not hide behind “Anonymous.” With pride, I’m sure, he put his name on his obscene message – Musa Islam Abu Ayyoub.

I hope your worthless, bastard, whore of a son gets shot in the f****** face. I hope he dies slowly. I hope that you cry for him to live but he dies in front of your eyes like the coward that he is. I hope you cry for him, I hope the taste of his death sits on your tongue for the rest of your life. You horrible, horrible person. I wish nothing but pain and misery on you, your worthless country and your worthless family.

There are so many comments I could make on this, but I won’t. I could tell you that this is my greatest nightmare. I can’t think of anything worse in life than what Musa describes. And, unlike Musa, I would not wish this even on my worst enemy. No, I won’t defend myself, my son, my family, or my country to you. It would be a waste of time (mine, yours, and his).

Musa felt it was his right to have his comment known, associated proudly with his name. For those not familiar with the way in which Arab culture uses names, when God blesses a man with a child (I believe only the first son, actually, not a daughter), the man is forever changed and becomes known by the name “Abu…” or “Father of ” and then the son’s name. So Musa is very proud to tell us that he is the father of Ayyoub.

And the saddest message I can give you today, is that I have no doubt that Musa is raising Ayyoub to be just like him.

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  1. My heart breaks that you have to put up with this filth. But still you continue to write. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and say tehillim each day for your son and other Israeli soldiers. I know no one else in my situation (as an olah hadasha with a son in the IDF)…your words give my husband and I so much strength and pride….we thank you again for all that you have given us and our country. I’m not as erudite as you…so I send your blog to all my friends and family. Thank you and may G-d continue to bless Elie, you and all your family, the IDF, Am Yisrael
    A Nahal mother and father
    ps mazal tov on getting mentioned in the New York Times…although they have been awful.

  2. It’s hard enough to have your son fighting a war. But to be blasted with these comments…

    May you have the strength to continue writing so well.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  3. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult things are for you at the moment, with your son at war. To get such repulsive comments too must make matters even worse.

    Please don’t stop writing, despite the comments. You manage to write very movingly about difficult subjects.

    Shabbat shalom.

  4. When I first started writing on an American milblog, a wise American soldier told me that the more the “anonymous” out there in the blogosphere spewed their hatred and disgusting words, the better I was doing my job. I have come to know, that the truth hurts the hatemongers out there.

    I have also been attacked for speaking the truth, and I am learning to ignore the way these ignorant are incapable of answering intelligently any points I make, as they immediately go to personal attacks and insults. Most of these attackers are INarticulate (in the ways of grammar etc) and so pathetic, I almost have to laugh at them. Almost. Mostly, I pity them.

    I have also learned how to enable “comment moderation”, which is MY right under the protected freedom of speech.;)Just as it is the hatemongers right to free speech, it is also MY right to decided what *speech* I allow on my site. Love how that

    You already know that MANY of us out here hold you, and all the families, in our loving hearts. YOU also know that for every one of the foul-mouthed commenters you receive, GOD receives millions of prayers said in faith and love.

    May Blessings be upon you all…

  5. Consider weighing wanting to know what anonymous people are thinking versus banishing anonymous. Take care of yourself. You need to be strong and fit mentally for your family.

  6. I am so sorry that you are being subjected to such hate and filth. Some of the nasty-mouth cretins did not have the benefit of a warm, loving mother such as you. I pray for the safety of the IDF, but I also pray that the American media can cover the war in an unbiased and informed manner. Keep up the good work.

    Sylvia in Texas

  7. Keeping you and Elie in my prayers.

    I wonder how, in light of his comments, Musa could say his is a religion of peace.

    Know that your writing is an inspiration. Ignore (hard as that may be) the trolls.

  8. What if I posted somewhere “Up yours. N*****!” or “Die Muslim F******!”

    All the “proper” liberals would rain down on my head all kinds of hate.

    Rockets are launched. Innocents die. Cowards hide behind women & children. If a coward gets killed by a pre-emptive strike, will the 70 virgins want him?

    Why in the world do we let the MSM spew this BS & so many people accept it as fact?

    In 11 days we get a new Commander in Chief. May he be brave enough to order our soldiers to protect us as the IDF protects their citizens.

    We’ll see.

    In the meantime, those who wish to make comments based on no facts, just racial bias: Get a life!

    Ifyou have any hope of having intelligent discourse, turn your slurs around on yourself & see how you like it.

    I know I have used some words far too complicated fr the idiots to comprehend, but I hope some of the more more intelligent idiots will take a moment of pause to think about their comments. Are you peoplereally that ignorant?

    There are Muslims who want to live by their standards & beliefs & make their peace with their Divine Entity. There are those who want to exterminate those who differ.

    You assholes got me started!

  9. WOW – This is just more proof of the twisted reality and the hate it causes.

    I think it is time the media deals with the truth in an honest manor. I lay a lot of this hate on the media’s doorstep.

    Facts and honesty cause peace – lies cause death and destruction.

    Elie’s Uncle Shaye

  10. How horrible and how cowardly those commenters are. Please don’t waste a moment of feeling on them. They are worthless.

  11. yes, my dear, it is hard to be a soldier’s mom… it is the same the world over for those mothers who hold life sacred and whose hope for the future lives IN their children — and not in their deaths. just delete those comments without reading more than the first line… you have better places to direct your energies. we pray for the safety of your son and all our “sons” everywhere… and we pray for peace. every day we pray for peace everywhere. (I wonder if our enemies also pray for peace? or do they only pray for death and destruction?)

    you might find some solace in these posts I did while my son was at war.

    Thoughts of A Soldier’s Mom in a Time of War

    Hard to Be a Soldier’s Mom

    Every Parent’s Nightmare

    please know you are a member of one of the most exclusive “clubs” anywhere — those who serve even though they did not enlist. we mothers know the pain and worry that ONLY mothers can know! we are here for you… we will stand with you… until all our son and daughters are home safely.

  12. As an American supporting our troops far from home, I also suport your son and all service members who are putting their lives on the line to defend their country. Please ignore all the hatred being spewed here and know there are those who support your son, you & your country.
    You have every right to be proud of your handsome soldier son. Carry on Soldiers Mom, keep doing what you’re doing.

  13. Keep writing, no matter what. Your the mother of a GREAT soldier and your words need to be known.

    There will always be hatefulness in this world. There will always be groups of people trying to suppress those that are FREE. Your son FIGHTS for the right to maintain freedom. He is a WARRIOR. My husband always said, if he wasnt an American soldier, he would be so honored to be an Israeli soldier.
    May God bless you, your family, and your son. God protect Israel, and the mission at hand. Always.

  14. When this battle of Gaza began, I wrote a letter and sent it to the Israeli embassy here in Australia to tell them that I, a Gentile Christian, citizen of Australia, fully supported what Israel was doing; that I knew exactly what kind of enemy you were fighting (the very same enemy, driven by the same evil ideology, that killed HIndus, Jews, Westerners, in Mumbai a month ago) and, therefore, why you had to fight.

    I only wish I lived in Sydney, as I used to do; for then I could go to the pro-Israel gathering that is happening on the 11th.

    Not long after this battle began, I found the prayer for the soldiers of Israel, on one of the Jewish Israeli blogs. I have been praying it regularly ever since.

    I am also praying Psalm 83.

  15. I found your blog via my ‘favorite Brat’ (hugs)

    Your writing is beautiful. As a mother of an American Soldier, I understand your fears and frustrations. I hope you find comfort in knowing that your son is well trained and fighting for a very important cause.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Elie, and those who so bravely step forward and fight against the evils in the world.

    May God bless you with comfort and strength.

    Cindy Justice
    (I will not hide behind an anonymous tag)
    Houston, TX, USA

  16. I find it interesting that the truth brings out such hatred in those who fear the truth.

    I think you are very brave, like your son, as you fight a war with words and the truth.

    Never think you are alone out there, as many many people from my country (the USA) and within your own support the cause your son is fighting for. Terrorists thrive on spreading fear.

    Ignore those who think they can undermine the strength of your country and your people with their hurtful words. You are all much stronger than anything they can say!

    Prayers for your son and your military. Hugs from this mom to you! You have a wonderful site, keep up the excellent writing!

  17. As the first anonymous said, “My heart breaks that you have to put up with this filth. But still you continue to write.”

    I thank you, your son and all the Israeli soldiers and their families and pray for their safety, strength, and courage.

  18. As the mother of a soldier deployed to Iraq, I know the feelings you are now experiencing about your son.
    From one mom to another, I pray that the world stops all this fighting and war so we moms can have our complete family back again.
    Your son is a strong, well trained young man. You will get strength from him to see you through this.
    Hopefully some day we will have no reason to have our children go to war.
    Aside from all the politics and war, woman to woman, I wish you peace.

  19. “Do not bother about them, but see, and keep walking away”

    Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy, Chapter III.

    Hope you’d be able to do so with those people.

    I wish you, your son, and your nation a peaceful, healty and happy future

    I have friends in Tel Aviv, and will never forget how they looked at me like an alien when i told them that i didn’t do army duty because i “chose not to do”.

    Sometimes we just do not realize how lucky we are.

    Rodolfo – Italy.

  20. I am not Jewish, I have few Jewish friends, but it is appalling to have so many hate filled people in the world. Even funny youtube videos get remarks tahat are mind boggling. I wish I could take away the hateful things said to a mother, regardless of religion. Our children do what they have to do, we have to stand behind them. I am so sorry, try not to read them!

  21. Thank you for your blog.

    Keep writing, never give up.
    Those horrible people just don’t get it. They are very sad. They think they are supporting something, but it has no value. If they think they are supporting Islam, they are not – they are actually supporting people who care nothing for Islam – they care only for themselves. They put themselves above all else.

    There are terrible things going on and it would be great if this would stop – and it could stop if the people who are controlling this would be honest and trustworthy – and I am talking about everyone here, because it will take a lot to resolve these issues.

    I have a tip for you – and I receive a lot of hatemail too – less than you – just delete hateful messages, as soon as you see the first sign of hatred – hateful people get satisfaction from knowing you read what they said. It has no meaning and no value, so stop reading.

    I often write back to people like that and they are surprised that I responded so nicely – they felt like they were speaking to a screen. Some of them apologize, some don’t. We are all capable of getting upset and saying things we shouldn’t. Our goal in writing is to communicate. The haters who will not listen or think or discuss honestly justwant to win at all costs, but they win nothing except a feeling inside themselves thta their hate won, therefore it must be right, but they are wrong.

    Musa Islam Abu Ayyoub sounds like a muslim name, but what kind of muslim wishes pain and misery on a mother – the answer is not a muslim at all, not a leader either, but someone who follows what men say.

    This was supposed to be short, sorry. Be true to yourself and what you believe, but be open to seeing the truth of human actions.

  22. I’m not a mother of a soldier, but a wife to one. It’s almost ironic that you would speak of American mothers whose sons have been in Iraq for months, while your son has been at war for “only” days…you see, I’ve been following your blog over the past week, and thought to myself that I would love to comment, but my experience is so much less than yours…my husband isn’t on the front lines of a fighting war. Not only that, but I am safe myself, far from any action, while you are so much closer. And finally, I have a son myself, and know that there is an immense difference between the fears for my husband, and the ones I would have for my son. I can’t imagine your experience except what you share through your blogging, but don’t compare yourself to American military families and think your experience is amy less.

    I’m so very sorry for the “hate email” you’ve received. It’s frightening to think that there are those in this world who feel that way, even more frightening that they might act on it.

    You, your family, and Elie and his men are in our thoughts and prayers. Shabbat Shalom.

  23. I am proud of you ,dear Mother of Elie,keeping up this wonderful blog .
    Let the haters live in their misery.

    The love we all carry in our hearts for our sons and daughters in the military ,Israel and the US.will far outshines the rubbish coming from the enemy.
    May they all come home to us soon.

    A Marine Mom in Montana

  24. To be called a Jew has to be the greatest compliment known to any man. You are G-d’s beloved, His Chosen People.
    How can these people claim any religion if they are filled with hatred and evil is beyond me (thankful for That every day). Hold your head up and know you are loved, you are being prayed for and G-d doesn’t forget either your suffering or their curses.
    Hold fast to this Genesis 12:3
    3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
    I for one have been blessed so much through you already! and I would really hate to be in the other mentioned shoes since G-d’s promises always hold true.

  25. I wanted to let you know that you and your son are in my heart and thoughts. My son returned from two deployments to Iraq and those months were the hardest and most challenging of my life, so my heart goes out to you for what you are stuggling with each day. There are very many of us who would be honored to help support you during this difficult time. Sending best wishes for your son’s safety, stay strong and as we US Army moms say “keep your helmet on”. From another Jewish Mom (of a US Army soldier). (And don’t let the jerks get to you, it’s a great time to make use of the “delete” button-preferably before you even finish reading)

  26. God Bless you and your family. And may He continue to have his hand on our two nations.

    An American friend,


  27. An American Christian // January 10, 2009 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    May God protect your son and all of Israel. Thank you for taking the time to post to your blog. Shalom.

  28. Please know that there are plenty of Military Moms that are here for you. Will keep you and your soldier son in our thoughts.

  29. First of all, us “Blue Star” mothers have to stick together (that’s what we call families with active soldiers during a time of war here in the US). I know it’s hard, and even though my son was in Iraq for 15-months it doesn’t make my path any more difficult than yours. The first day his boots hit the sand was just as painful as the last.

    Secondly, only a cowardly ant would hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to criticize and bring added pain to a mother who is trying to get through the days while he son is fighting in a war.

    No where in the entire history of mankind and this world has cowardly acts and cruel words been associated with nobility, bravery, heroism and truth! No where. Your son is fighting a noble fight. You know that. I know that, and others in this world who live with their eyes open know that. Your son is brave. He’s a hero to your Nation (and he’s a hero to me and many others outside of your Nation). He is fighting for truth and justice.

    Do not ever let small minded trolls get you down. You are the mother of a soldier in a mighty Army. That’s your title. That’s all you need answer to! I always tell my children “It’s not what others call you, it’s what you answer to that counts!”

    I leave you with a quote that I recited to myself when I would get angry, hateful emails and notes while my son was in Iraq:

    “Never allow anyone to rain on your parade and thus cast a pall of gloom and defeat on the entire day. Remember that no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character, are required to set up in the fault-finding business… Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy. Guard your fragile life carefully. Only G– can shape a flower, but any foolish child can pull it to pieces.” — Og Mandino

    I pray your son is safe, and that you are blessed with peace. — Claire

  30. I send you your son and all of Israel my support. Both my children are in the U.S. Army and I understand how difficult it is to have a loved one in harms way. There is no understanding the people who are filled with hate so I won’t even try. Just know that there are people who do care, know the truth and will always support you.

  31. I’m praying for your son and Israel. My husband is in Iraq right now and can’t believe the things that are happening to Israel. Keep writing. Your truth is reaching far and wide.
    I had to laugh at the person who didn’t even spell Jew with a capital. My husband was once called an f***ing hale once here in Hawaii and I had to laugh because he is actually Mexican and so I said the guys should of called you a wetback if he wanted to correctly yell a racial slur at you, (hale means White person and not in a nice way). Anyway these people are ignorant. I pray that those fighting in Israel are protected and that your son is safe and that this mess someday comes to an end and that Israel prevails against these terrorists.

  32. Donna, Los Osos, CA // January 11, 2009 at 1:43 am // Reply

    God bless you and your family. Please know there is a family in California who supports your son and his mission. We will always stand with Israel. Take care. You have grit Soldiers Mom! You have your son’s back and I’m sure he’s proud of you. Stay strong. We will all pray for peace.

  33. Oh my goodness. I’m almost speechless. I can’t believe people left such horrible comments.

    Praying for you and everyone – – even the Palistinians.

  34. Hi, just came across your blog and was somewhat moved from what I read.. I do hope your son comes back home safe..

    Regarding the Anonymous comments, to hell with their twisted beliefs.. like my grand mother says (we are Christians) the only one God is the one that rule Israel.. Hopefully the terrorist will understand that someday.

    Keep on the good work, you have supporter in Mauritius as well. I’ll propagate your blog to my friends so they know what really happening there.


  35. My heart is with you- still praying for your son and all the Israeli soldiers… I stand in awe of the miracles being done in your country- Your G-d is great!
    Blessings to you-

  36. Cat in Florida // January 11, 2009 at 8:49 pm // Reply

    “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”
    Golda Meir

    This is what puzzles me the most. One of the most primitive instincts we mothers of all species have is to protect our young. How can a mother teach her young child to hate with such intensity that they would grow up to be so evil? To strap on suicide vests and kill themselves as “martyrs”, to fire rockets indiscriminately at innocent civilians, to kill their own people when they speak out against their ideology?

    This goes against every instinct I experience as a mother and all laws of nature. I cannot understand…

    Being a mother for 13 years myself, I can empathize and sympathize with your writings. You are obviously a mother who brought her son up to be honorable and to not hate. He is defending his country from evil, and in doing so is protecting not only those he loves, but ridding the world of evil. We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude!

    You will continue to be in my prayers, as well as your fine son Elie, the entire IDF, the great nation of Israel, and all other peace loving nations. We stand united with you!

    May God continue to be with you,

    Your friend in Florida,

    Cat Brooks

  37. Only we mothers of soldiers in any country know the pain of not knowing, not hearing his voice, not being able to see and touch our children.

    We in the USA are no different from you in this regard.

    I pray that your son and all sons return home safely soon.

    A Mother of two soldiers, North Carolina, USA

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