I try not to read CNN – I find myself just disgusted by their hidden agenda. It is little comfort that BBC is even worse. Tonight, I could not bring myself to look at BBC, but I did make the mistake of reading CNN. (

Don’t bother to read it – it is infuriating.

Dear Mr. Flower – no, the family was not killed. Killed is a word that implies innocence; it implies accidental. Thousands were killed in Haiti, thousands feared killed in Japan. No, this family was not killed, they were murdered.

Dear Mr. Flower, why do you need those quotes around terror attack? Do you have some question about the veracity of those words? Do you need the Israeli military to explain that when someone stabs a two month old baby, it is a terrorist attack?

What would you call it when two men sneak into a house in the middle of the night and stab a mother, a father, an 11-year-old, a 3-year-old and a 2-month old as they sleep? Is that not the very definition of innocence? Is that not the very definition of a terrorist attack?

Interesting that you fail to mention the ages of the children. Is this not relevant? Is this not newsworthy? Do you think this is such a common occurrence, then? This stabbing of an infant? You tell the ages of people in half your articles when it is not relevant and yet here, suddenly, it is missing.

I understand. I really do. To tell someone that an infant was butchered might lead to sympathy. Certainly, there can be no justification or defense and so it is better, perhaps, to leave it out. It is only relevant when the Israeli army catches an 11-year-old stone throwing Palestinian or a 14-year-old bomb carrying one. But not, certainly not, when it is an 11-year-old Israeli child stabbed brutally to death and worse, it might appear, so much worse when his 2-month old brother or sister (I don’t even know which at this time).

If you have to use quotes in this case, you might as well stop writing. Words have tremendous power. As a journalist, you should know that. With words, you can paint pictures for all to see, for all to understand. That’s why I love to write. I want to show people what it is like to be a soldier’s mother, but more, I have learned that I want to show people what it is like to be an Israeli, a Jew, mother to Elie, Shmulik and David as they join the Israeli army and the world, people like you, would want to paint another picture.

As a journalist, your putting quotes around those words shows that you have given in to the political agenda of CNN and the pressure of your anti-Israel readers.

But more important, Mr. Kevin Flower, as a human being, your putting quotes around those words shows only your lack of humanity. You should be deeply ashamed.

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  1. There are no words in the English language for the brutal murder of the innocent family. These “men” (quotes intentional), deserve to die in the most horrific manner. What an outrage! The world is silent as always….I pray for the strongest retribution from the IDF…I want these people OUT OF OUR LAND!!!!

  2. Pictures of the murdered family are seen on Pam Geller’s site. The family gave permission so the world could see this result of this violent, hideous incident.

    I agree with Jan, there are no words which convey the feelings about this loss.

  3. You hit it better than the Israeli government (not surprised):

    They complained about the quotes. Your addition about the ages is an equally strong point.

  4. Time to spin the story… we wouldn’t want to create any sympathy for those despicable Israelis who had the audacity to be sleeping in their beds when the practitioners of “the Religion of Peace” entered their home!

    I am making an assumption that the soul-less murderers were Muslims. If I am wrong, please accept my sincerest apologies. Based on recent experience though, it seems more likely that these murders were perpetrated by the religious zealots of Islam than by another religion or by an atheist…

    Humans around the world feel your sadness and anger. G-d bless and comfort these 5 souls and protect Israel.


  5. There is no word savage enough to describe the butchery of this precious family.

    I am so sorry.

    I never look at CNN for the reasons you shared here.

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