Cellular Agony: An Ambulance Volunteer w/o a Phone?

Among the many wrongs Orange has committed is the one against Elie. He is a frequent volunteer in the ambulance squad – more, he is one of the volunteers regularly called in an emergency. It has happened many times – multiple injuries – an accident with a few cars, a fire in two apartment buildings. A call goes out, but more, they know Elie and so someone who knows him calls him directly – and Elie goes running.

“How can they call me when I don’t have a phone?” Elie complained. He’s right – they can’t.

“And if something happens on the road, how can I call MADA [the ambulance squad]?” – right again.

Among the many wrongs Orange committed against my family today is the one against Elie. He is out of touch with his friends – the ones who call him when they need him. He takes such pride in serving, in caring, in taking control of a situation and doing what needs to be done.

This too, is a wrong against my family. We have tried to get Orange to meet with us. We met with Gal and Liron, another Liron and Anat. We met with Carmel and spoke to Eliron. We met with David, spoke to Sheli. We left messages for Elazar, spoke to Yishai, Meir and Shiran. The names go on and on – most telling us the accounting mess that Orange created is too complicated for them to figure out and so someone will get back to us…but of course, they never do.

Now, months later – they are claiming a ridiculous amount of money, not explaining how they got to it, and demanding that we pay up front before they will tell us how much we owe, how they got to that number. They won’t explain – but they demand 10,000 shekels and if we pay them -they will connect the phones for two weeks.

Two weeks?

Yes, because they assume that within two weeks they will meet with us to solve this. Two weeks – what happened to the last 11 months. We wrote to them in February, 2010 – asking to resolve this…and have been writing ever since.

An ambulance volunteer without a phone…cannot serve – for this too, Orange should feel shame.

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