Can’t Argue When it Comes from Them…

According to a local news story – more than 500 people are demonstrating at the US Embassy in Kuwait. I can only hope that at least THIS demonstration will not turn violent. So far, there have been demonstrations in Egypt, Yemen, Libya (of course), Gaza (duh), and now Kuwait. What is interesting here is that in many of the places, not only do they burn the US flag, but they fly the Al Qaida black flag.

This is what they are doing in Kuwait at this moment, as I start mixing the three quiches I plan to bake in about an hour, as the challah dough sits on my table rising. My house already has the smell of Shabbat, though the living room is filled with piles of laundry that still have to be put away. But what pulled me here was a brief look at a news item and the report of the chants coming from the demonstrators.

You can’t argue when the words come from them… “Obama, we are all Osama.”

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  1. Everyone calls it the ‘Al Qaeda’ flag. It’s a lot older than Al Qaeda. That black flag with the white lettering on it, is the Black Flag of Jihad.

    Signed – Aussie Friend of Israel

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