Blurry News from the Gaza Border

I hate those first minutes when news items begin to break but what is happening remains unclear. At this moment, there seems to be a battle going on – gunfire between Gaza and Israeli troops at Keren Shalom. Keren Shalom is the crossing through which we send aid regularly to the Palestinians. It is also a location the Palestinians seem to love to attack.

Dozens of rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel in the last few hours. It seems that under cover of this attack, a major infiltration was attempted – and stopped. No Israeli casualties have been reported – we can only hope that is accurate and that it continues.

Israelis in the south have been ordered into their homes; near bomb shelters. It is already 9:30 p.m. – parents will be putting their children to sleep in bomb shelters tonight. It’s hot in Israel – August, summer. Especially there in the south. At night, it cools off and you open the windows – but you can’t open the windows of a bomb shelter – not when attacks are happening.

I think there is a problem putting an air conditioner into a bomb shelter – maybe someone can update me on this. In the meantime, children and parents remain indoors – a gun battle is ongoing.

Elie is in the reserves – no, thankfully not on the Gaza border and there is virtually no chance of their taking his unit there…Shmulik is home with his wife…Lauren’s cousin is not yet on a border…still in training…but someone’s son is there; another mother, many mothers with sons close to there are listening to the news.

Their sons will call them…now, soon, later. Meanwhile…the news is unclear and developing and I sit here hitting F5 to update the news feed rather than going home…I need to shut down – it’s almost 10:00 p.m….

Israel in August, surrounded by enemies, under fire…and as always, fighting back.

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