Blessings From the Past and To the Future

I went back two years…don’t ask me why…and found a post titled The Problem with Taking a Few Days to Think and found the wishes I had posted. I found them interesting, even amusing…so here they are again, with some commentary and updates. Hope you smile…maybe I’ll do this again two years from now…we’ll see….for now, I wish for you and for me, for your family and mine, for your country and mine, for all of the house of Israel….a good and happy new year.

In the best I wrote…

And looking to the future…I add…

May it be a year of health and prosperity, of happiness and peace.

Amen it is the most basic of prayers, and the most important.

May it be a year of justice, of security, of truth.

Amen yes, this too is among the most important.

May our enemies be frustrated and unable to achieve even their most simple plans.

Amen and haven’t they been frustrated in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran and beyond. Here’s hoping it long continues.

May our land be blessed with rain in the coming months and may every child be cherished and safe.

 Amen oh yes, God, please watch over our land and our children – keep them safe.

May our children not be traumatized, may their nightmares end, their fears diminish. 

Amen it is the most basic of prayers, and the most important.

May our sons be safe as they make us safe.


May they be blessed and know that all they do, is so appreciated and returned by our love. 


May Elie find happiness in the coming year. May Shmulik be blessed in his new marriage.

Amen and more. In the year that followed; Elie married and this week he became a father. Shmulik is so happily married to his beautiful Naama – may they too be blessed with happiness, health, children and always be so wonderful together.

May Davidi grow this year and somehow may peace come so that his army days are safe.

Amen – well, in the last two years, Davidi has grown. He is now taller than Elie and Shmulik. I don’t know if he will grow any more and peace does not seem much closer, though his army days draw nearer and nearer…

May my sons know no more war, no more terrorist attacks, no more rockets.

Amen and amen and amen…Please God, no more war, no more attacks. We have lost two beautiful 20 year old boys this week. The world sees them as soldiers, we know them only as our sons.

May Chaim come home – soon! And may Yaakov bring his family home as well.

Oh this is wonderful…wait till I tell you. Chaim came home…and began studying at Bar Ilan University. Yaakov brought his family home this summer and will soon be learning in Haifa. And more, their two sisters came to live in Israel – the oldest just a short distance away from me with her husband and two gorgeous little girls and the youngest to learn and settle here. What blessings we have been given these past two years…

May my daughters – Amira and Aliza, Ariella and Lauren be blessed in the coming year.

Amen – though I’ll add here that I probably have to remove Lauren from this list because if I keep calling her my daughter…someone’s going to get in trouble now that she’s married Elie. As for Ariella, her parents moved to Israel and so I had to un-adopt her – but we still love her and consider her partially ours. Amira has almost finished university; she is a most amazing mother, married to a most amazing man and Aliza, even at the age of 13, defines grace. She is a teenager, but a sweet one and we adore her…even when she complains about her hair!

May the two who have joined our family in marriage know they are in our hearts and may my grandson…just wow…know only love and health and good things.

Amen – may the blessings continue. I have watched my grandson grow…is there any blessing greater than this? He is sweetness and charm and so special. I’m not really allowed to write about him too much but perhaps the “just wow” above still says it all…and now he has a cousin – may my beautiful grandchildren know only love and health and good things…and may I be blessed in two years time, to have to add more names to this.

May it be a year of life for all of the House of Israel and all those who cherish freedom.


May God bless Israel and those who love her and may we know the glory of our days and of the promises He has made to His people. May God bless the United States of America – and may it continue to light the world.


And may God grant His eternal justice to the murderers of Asher Palmer and his baby son Yehonatan.

Amen – Asher Palmer and his baby son Yehonatan were murdered by terrorists who threw a huge rock at the car Asher was driving. The rock hit Asher causing the car to go out of control and crash and both he and the baby were killed. His murderers have been brought to justice – but there are others – like the murderer of Gal Koby, who was shot by an Arab sniper yesterday…and others, who still await justice. May God grant His eternal justice to those who have murdered His people.

May this be a cursed year to our enemies and to those not willing to make peace with Israel. May they know the Wrath of the Most Exalted One.

Amen – May God continue to watch over His people and bless us with life.

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