Behold, The Idiot

There are so many amazing people that you can meet via social media. Unfortunately, idiots abound as well.

Along came @casiotone who wants to tell the world that the United States is more dangerous to the world than Iran because while the US has dropped 2 nuclear bombs, Iran has dropped none.

Ah, but the US dropped bombs almost 70 years ago and has never threatened to wipe a country off the face of the map. Iran, without even having a bomb (yet), has already been happily proclaiming its goals.

After this initial rather unintelligent post on Twitter, I looked up @casiotone and saw his bio line, “I don’t think straight” – well, at least he is honest. No, he doesn’t.

So after his comments turned vulgar, I took advantage of a wonderful feature of Twitter – I blocked him. Someone else took up the conversation trying to argue a bit of logic with this decidedly illogical person. I happily stayed out of it, only recommending that the second person join me in blocking @casiotone too (which he did). But not before @casiotone came up with the stupidest post to date. Leave logic alone – let’s just say it simply “it is only natural to hate israel” – yes, for someone of this nature, I believe, like his bio line, that “dominic” is being exceedingly honest. Vulgar, ill-informed, and honest.

I actually don’t care that he hates Israel. I prefer those who hate us to be upfront and honest with their emotions. It is the deceptive ones that bother me…I doubt Dominic has enough intelligence to actually reach the level of deceptive (or read a map or a volume of history, for that matter).

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