Back to What Was

Elie returned to base yesterday and was given command of a team from the “other” group. He’ll be a “Commander A” – meaning in charge of a group, rather than equipment. He’s happy about this and overall, happy to be back in routine and the known. In four months, the female soldiers who will be finishing up their training will likely be blended into Elie’s group and so Elie will, again, have a problem and again, have to be shifted.

Four months is a long time in the army. They’ve decided to worry about it then. For now, Elie is set and satisfied and back at a base relatively close to home. I had a strange dream last night. Dreams are a world unto themselves; where the mind is free to release its fears. Nothing bad happened to Elie in this dream; it was more an issue of relationships and family ties but you awaken feeling unsettled.

I’ll take that to being awakened with real bad news any time.

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