Axes Are Weapons of War…

Isaac (The Courage of the Axe) was not the only person who was attacked…and even killed by the oh-so-brave Palestinian terrorist wielding an axe.

Like Isaac, Avraham Kinstler was born in Europe long before the re-establishment of the State of Israel. By the time he was 20, he already dreamed of living in the land of Israel, had learned Hebrew, and was teaching it to his friends. He married Hannah and together they moved to Israel and had three daughers.

Avraham loved to learn – everything…Jewish culture, Torah, philosophy and so much more. He also loved to work. He believed that work was a vital part of a person and was still working at age 76, when an Arab terrorist ambushed him and murdered him with an axe…76 years old.

The terrorist was caught several months later, charged with murder and sentenced to live in prison…today, Avraham’s killer walks free, making a mockery of Israel’s justice system and of the concept that you negotiate for peace…where peace is its own reward.

Already, the Palestinians are threatening to pull out of the talks and still we free these killers…what does it take to raise an axe and bring it down on a man who is 76 years old? A grandfather…a husband…a laborer out in the fields.

An axe is a weapon of violence – it is also a statement of contempt and utter hatred. There is no “clean” kill – this is barbarity…and tonight, his killer goes free.

Shame on Bibi Netanyahu and every minister who voted for this.

May Avraham Kinstler’s family find comfort in knowing that was justice was robbed from them in this world, will surely be returned ten fold in the next.

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  1. Those who have subverted justice have much to answer for also in the next world.

    It should interesting to hear the excuses they offer to the Heavenly Tribunal!

    I should add that the connection between justice and peace was obvious to the leaders of the civil rights movement. You may have heard it in the famous riposte:

    “No Justice, No Peace!”

    They understood quite well that one isn’t possible in the absence of the other – that they form a unity. What remains a mystery is why the moral imbeciles running Israel could not grasp such a simple truth!

    After have what happened tonight, we can sure of one thing: it will never lead to peace. Selling out Avraham Kinstler’s memory for the dubious privilege of being the same room with the killers of Jewish children isn’t an accomplishment; its a self-inflicted national disaster!

    Of all the “painful sacrifices” for peace Israel’s leaders tout for appeasing the Arabs, the subversion of justice that was just done is an affront to the common sense, intelligence and moral decency of every Jewish man, woman and child in Israel! The country deserved far better than the theater of the absurd it witnessed tonight.

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