Attempted Terror Attack in Maale Adumim

Elie called me a few minutes ago telling me he’s on the way to get me and then said that there is traffic in Maale Adumim. Why? An Arab tried to grab the gun of a security guard. There is confusion as to where this happened. Elie said it was near a kindergarten; the news is only saying near the entrance to the city.

I could feel the panic rising. Where? What happened. The security guard managed to hold his gun and turn it and shoot the Arab. In anger and fear, I said, “I hope they shot him in the stomach.” I know that’s a bad place to be shot. I can’t for the life of me tell you now if I meant those words or not.

With the grace of God and training, the security guard managed to hold onto the gun and the Arab was shot – not the guard; not any innocent people nearby. The Arab is in critical condition, with a gunshot wound to his stomach.

Just yesterday, we drove past the guards as we entered the city and I didn’t like the way the guards were not paying attention. I said something to Elie – he wasn’t very pleased either.

I don’t know all the details. I do know that my heart is racing…and I don’t even have any children in nursery school. I know that Aliza is home safe; David is on a trip with other youth learning to be a counselor for a special youth group; Shmulik is …where is Shmulik….calling now….Shmulik is still in Jerusalem. Amira is at home with the baby…at least I think she is…Lauren is here in Jerusalem. I’m not sure where Naama is, but she wouldn’t be near that children’s school at this time of the day..and so it goes.

Where is this one? What is happening? What was his motive? And worst of all…where were the children of that nursery school? Were they in the yard playing? Were they in the school? Had they already left to go home? Why….

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  1. The very first thing I thought of when I saw these headlines earlier was you and your sons. Glad to hear that everyone is OK, B”H.

  2. Israel is a country where the army has its priorities exactly backwards.

    Its gotten quite proficient at kicking Jews out of their homes. It hasn’t a clue on how to keep Jews safe from Arab terror, whether in Ma’ale Adumim or in Sderot.

    Something is truly rotten in the State Of Israel.

  3. what really bothered me in Israel was a kind of covering of the many terrorists incidents that did not reach the scale of a bus bomb. If it was just some Arab shooting up a few Jews in afula it just did not make anything but local news. –something along the lines of the orange county gazette. The ignoring of stuff like this bothered me.

  4. Syria's air defence // June 30, 2012 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    Of course you meant it!Why not!After all it’s an enemy of you and your state who was going to kill you so don’t pretend you’re in worry about him.Maybe you worry now about you,huh?Am i a bad person because i’ve wished an enemy of us to be shot in the stomach?Something like that,maybe?NO you aren’t but it’s just my opinion

  5. I pray for you, Paula, and for your dear sons in the IDF.
    I constantly have Eretz Yisrael in my mind and in my heart, although I am (still) in Chu’l (the diaspora).

    Please always have in mind the Passuk in Tehillim:

    Hinei lo yanum v’lo yiyshan Shomer Yisrael
    – “For The Guardian of Israel niether sleeps nor slumbers…..”

    Repeat it to yourself over and over again.

    It will give you strength and calm your nerves.

    With all my love to my “sisters” in our Beloved Holy Land,


    “Another IDF Sordier’s Mom”.

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