Another Rocket

Another rocket was fired this afternoon at Israel – around 2:45 p.m. in the afternoon. It exploded in the Shaar HaNegev area, in an open field, injuring no one. The Arabs often excuse the firing of rockets based on where they land, ignoring the terror it causes, the shock of those in the area, the fear of those who were or might soon be near where the rocket hit.

Four rockets last night; two more during the day. What would your government do? What would you call on your army to do? It’s 5:15 in Israel now – night is just falling. The Arabs fire rockets more often at night, believing they can hide in the darkness (I’m hoping no one explains the concept of night vision to them).

But it also seems appropriate somehow – that they fight in darkness, as they live their lives. In the darkness of hatred, of violence, of death. Tonight, although I hope I am wrong, I believe they will fire at Israel again…and soon, soon the army will decide it is time once again to go in with ground forces. No nation should have to accept daily rocket fire. No nation would. Israel must not.

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