Another Day in Gaza, Another Lie Told

I’m sorry to show this picture. I hope you can shield your children and even yourselves, but you have to know and so I’ll put this horrible, sad picture well below the frame.

So first, a story – the Palestinian propaganda machine is at it again.@ManaraRam (a.k.a. Diane Alzeer) calls herself a journalist and perhaps that is the greatest testimony to how deep the propaganda and the lies run in this society that will use children to fight rather than make peace. They will send a 14-year-old to kill a soldier and oh yes, they’ll parade around the body of a little girl, without shame, to push their agenda.

And so, this fine journalist, promoter of truth…yeah, right…posted this to Twitter:

The link goes to here:

The problem for this journalist is that she by mistake…or perhaps on purpose – is reusing a picture several years old and from another conflict. Search the Internet (as one real journalist in Israel did) and you’ll find the truth. As you can easily see – the picture appears under “anotherdayiniraq” – hinting the greater likelihood that it was taken in Iraq and not Gaza. The second picture has the automatic WordPress dating – showing it goes back to January, 2009 and not, as this absurd “journalist” claims – to yesterday in Gaza.

Bottom line – another day in Gaza, another lie told.

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