And now for some fun….

Israelis have an amazing sense of humor; a deeply felt need to remember to laugh. Here are some of the lighter pictures that have been shared on the Internet today…

This one is true – people in a flooded mall enjoying their coffee as if…as if…as if their feet weren’t soaking in a flooded mall that was apparently built – well, rather stupidly.

And this one, which starts with true and touches on ridiculous – yup, three people in the middle of a rain storm in an area that is normally little more than a trickle…

And now, on to the ridiculous:
This one…
The Hebrew says: “You and your shopping! Last time I come with you to Modiin” – and you thought this was from the movie, Titanic, didn’t you?
This one comes with a heading – as a result of the huge downpour, the Israeli navy has opened a new training area:

And what would a flooded highway be without the parting of the waters:

And finally, a reference to the Loch Ness monster of Tel Aviv (or, my preference – Reuters covering the story of the flooding of a Tel Aviv highway:

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  1. I hadn’t seen the ‘parting of the waters’ one before–good Photoshopping, and funny.

  2. Well done!

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