And more about Israel helping around the world

The purpose of this blog is to tell you about Israel – this is Israel, the country that I love, the country where I have chosen, with a sane mind and a dedicated heart, to raise my children. But an integral part of Israel is that ancient promise made by God, that we would be “a light unto the nations.” Without getting overly religious or deep into theology, without getting mystical or Messianic, it is simply a part of the Israeli conscience – that we have the moral obligation to help when the means for providing that help is in our minds and hearts and means.

And so, though this blog isn’t about what Israel does for the world, it is important to also show that while we try to better our lives and country internally, we still find the time and make the effort to help others.

Here is another This is Israel…helping others story recently in the news:

Israel helps civilians trapped in fighting zone in Eastern Congo

(VIDEO) Ahead of the ‘Band Aid’ rock concert this Saturday, Itai Engel, one of the organizers and an investigative correspondent, speaks to Ynet about the human tragedy in Eastern Congo and what can be done about it,7340,L-3402927,00.html

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