And lest you think…

And lest you think Elie has suddenly grown out of who he is as a result of being engaged, please meet my donut.

It’s a tradition in Israel to eat filled donuts (usually jelly donuts) around Hanuka time. Somehow, this has stretched to weeks before the actual holiday and fillings beyond jelly. I usually don’t buy these donuts until the actual holiday, and even then, usually only once or twice during the entire 8 days.

But today, I was happy and hungry and decided to treat Elie (and me). Two donuts – with caramel filling. He ate his even before we reached the office. I saved mine. I smeared the caramel on the top a bit and licked my finger but left it whole moments after Elie had finished his.

I wanted to enjoy my donut and not think about calories and oil and stuff and so…I put it on my desk and went to get a drink. I am one of those people who really need to drink something whenever I eat. A fresh bottle of cold water and I was almost ready to enjoy it…except students started arriving. I answered questions from some people who walked in, helped get the current class started.

I went to my desk and found…well, this. My whole donut…had some missing tell-tale signs of invasion. Too large for mouse bites (thankfully) and really, it was quite obvious what had happened.

Ah, Elie – may your life with Lauren be as sweet as the donuts you ate (yours and mine) and may you always, always be who you are.

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  1. LOL! Yes, may he always be young at heart!
    (besides, he was really trying to save you calories…….) (at least that’s what MY sons say!!!!LOL

  2. WHAT? That’s the way all of my donuts look…

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