And for the Children

I forgot to mention one “interesting” thing about yesterday’s gas mask distribution (see Gas Mask Distribution). Next to the long line of people waiting to be called up were rows and rows of people to sit down and rest rather than stand and wait to be called. On the other side – were tables set up – with paper and crayons for children.

As the parents waited on line, the children were occupied with arts and crafts. What an amazing concept – what an amazing consideration on the part of the organizers of the distribution. It’s summer in Israel so where else would the children be but with their parents?

And so, as the parents were occupied getting gas masks, the children were occupied drawing pictures. They’ll remember a fun day at the mall. I wonder if later in life they will remember yesterday? Probably not. For them, it was another summer day – an outing and some fun.

Aliza has asked me some questions – first the other night when she saw the stack of old gas masks on the table; and then yesterday when she saw the new boxes. I didn’t make a big thing of it. I didn’t take the gas mask out and show her. She doesn’t remember the last time, “I just saw them in the movies,” she told me now. She doesn’t remember ever having put it on – that’s good. That’s right. That’s what I want – here’s hoping it will always be that way.

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