An Iranian Test?

Here’s the story. As much of Israel was enjoying a quiet Shabbat – the IDF was, as it always is, protecting our borders, our skies, our shores. A potential threat was identified – an unmanned drone attempting to enter our air space. Why?
Good question – some sites are saying it was an Iranian test. It could have been. It could have come from Hezbollah – again, with Iranian backing…or from Hamas – again, with Iranian backing. Whatever truth there is will be found; whatever it hoped to accomplish, likely failed. The drone entered Israeli air space; Israeli jets scrambled and easily intercepted it. It was shot down over an open area where none could be injured. Bottom line – score one point for the IDF; nothing for our enemies. 
This is a 10 second video. According to the IDF’s YouTube channel, it is:
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was identified penetrating Israeli airspace this morning, and was intercepted by the IAF at approximately 10:00 AM. IDF soldiers are currently searching the area where the drone was downed, in open areas in the northern Negev, to locate and identify the drone.

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