A Sobering Reminder

I have a course today and a wedding come up so very soon. I got a dress – yeah for me; still need to get something for Aliza. Got Davidi’s suit; still need to confirm everyone else. Relatives are flying in – it reminds me of the weeks before Davidi’s bar mitzvah, when the rockets were flying and we knew war was coming – no one can live this way for long. Then too, relatives were flying in – even in the face of a war.

Elie has often told me that Israel is very special in that the moment a war would be declared, more planes would be flying in than flying out – as thousands of Israelis return to fight for the country the love, even if they have made their homes elsewhere. A wedding…a war.

I have to make seating plans and finish delivering invitations and in the midst of all of this is the painful reality that nearly one million people are spending their fourth day in bomb shelters; a second day children are not going to school. As rockets are being fired frequently – 11 overnight; almost 90 yesterday; well over 100 the day before that, parents aren’t letting their children outside.

I have a friend who lives in the rocket area with 4 year old twins. How could you go outside with twins? Which one would you grab in the case of an attack? Too much for a mother to contemplate and so inside they will likely remain. This can’t continue is a common phrase here in Israel – almost as common as the unspoken thought that this will never end; that their hatred runs so deep, their love of death and martyrdom too firmly entrenched.

No time to write – too much time to think. So here is a sobering reminder of what Israelis are keeping in mind today – every moment, as we plan and hope. The only thing missing from this chart below are the warning times, but you can figure them out – the area nearest Gaza has a 15 second warning; from there, add 15 seconds for each color zone.

In Beersheva, on the outer circle, they have up to 60 seconds to grab and run, to find shelter strong enough, safe enough, to withstand the impact of a warhead fired from at least 40 kilometers away. Make no mistake – Gaza has chosen to wage war against Israel and it has been war for 4 days, on the heads of one million people and more than 210,000 children.

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