A Security Guard’s Greeting

I didn’t catch your name and I apologize for that from the start. I should have noticed – you just made my day in the first minutes of being here at the Tomorrow 2012 conference.

So, here’s what happened….I walked in to the conference and through the security. The President of Israel is here and many others. Security is tight. They search your bags; you walk through a metal detector – and at many doors, there are guards standing there.

As I entered, I met some Twitter friends (@bydahway and @raffeg) – fun times ahead, I thought to myself. They walked through the door; I walked through. And the security guard stopped me and said, “are you …are you a soldier’s mother?”

It’s actually not the first time it has happened to me and each time, it makes me smile – my three minutes of fame in the world. I smiled and said I was and then he told me it was a great post from yesterday. I made several yesterday writing about the conference here – and I’ll be writing several more today…which one (though deep down, I think I already knew).

“The one about Gabi Ashkenazi,” he said, “my father sent it to me because I was here all day.”

“I didn’t know if it was good idea or not, but I just wanted to tell him,” I explained.

“It was good you did,” he answered with a smile and wished me a good day.

Yeah, I’m glad I did – and thanks to the security guard for his smile today – you make your father proud!

Sometimes people visiting Israel forget that security guards are people, sons. When you pass through the door they guard – take that second to wish them a good day. You’d be amazed how much they appreciate that small interaction. Sometimes, the guards don’t respond. Most often, they smile back and wish me a good day. We all need that – that wish…today, I wish the guard a great day. And, I wish the people in Israel’s south…a good day…but more, a quiet day.

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