A Sad Update on Rockets

Yesterday, I posted that 50 rockets had hit Israel…no longer true.

As of midnight last night, we had passed 65 rockets fired in a single day, over 100 rockets fired in the previous 72 hours. This morning, I woke to the news that 3 more rockets had been fired at Israel and Hamas offered us some comic relief when they announced they were ready for a ceasefire if we stopped our aggression.

Short of being on the other side of where the missile lands (and shooting at the rocket launchers), it’s hard to see what aggression there is in defending yourself. Meanwhile, the world of Arab propaganda marches on. A child – a small young child was killed in Gaza…immediately, of course, the Arabs blamed Israel, cursed Israel for the death of this tiny child.

Of course, the medical personnel in Gaza admitted privately to a BBC reporter that it was a missile that had killed the child – no, not an Israeli missile, a katyusha rocket that had been fired at Israel, but landed short, into Gaza.

In private – lest the world find out.

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