A Present for Elie and Lauren?

Is this tacky? I’m not sure – I certainly don’t mean it to be and if it is insulting in any way, I apologize in advance. A while back, I put a PayPal Donate button on the site. I’ve seen it on many blogs and I figured, if someone wants to help me cover the many hours I spend writing instead of working, I’d be happy. A few people have – and at one point, it got to enough to go out to dinner with my husband – so that was fun!

But this time, I want to do something else – so – you see that button there on the left? For the next few weeks, any money donated to the PayPal account will go to Lauren and Elie to help them begin their new home, their new lives. They got many presents in Israel and I’m sure that even now, as they are together in the United States celebrating their marriage with Lauren’s wonderful family, I bet they are getting more.

So – if you’d like to send them a gift (again, please don’t be annoyed), feel free to donate and all the money will go to them! When I have a total, I’ll ask them what they are going to do with the money and I’ll hopefully post a picture as well (and I’m open to any suggestions for what to get them).

I figured this was a nice way for anyone who wishes to give them a gift to do so – again, please don’t feel that you have to…but if you want to….

With gratitude,
A Soldier’s Mother

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