A Prayer for Gilad

Today, the 3rd anniversary of Gilad’s being held captive by Hamas in Gaza – the pain, the worry, the anger, threaten to overwhelm.

A message from Gilad’s father on this sad anniversary:

“My wish, today, on the 25th of June, 2009, from every person in the state, man and woman, from children to the elderly, is to close your eyes for three minutes,” he told Army Radio Thursday. “For just three minutes close your eyes and wait until those minutes pass, and during that time, try to think about what my son, Gilad, has gone through, a young man who is waiting with bated breath — not just three minutes, and not just three hours, and not even just three days, but is waiting in darkness and despair, mentally and physically tortured, to regain his freedom which was taken from him three years ago.”

You cannot imagine the desperation we feel, the hope, the prayers – here are just some of them:

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  1. I would like to post the prayer that I prayed last night when I woke up and thought of Gilad. Father, with a keen sense of your presence – a gentle spirit awakened me to pray. Father, I lift up Gilad and pray Lord that he is finding comfort in You. I pray Father that he is finding favor with the guards. I pray Lord that there will be at least one guard who has taken a special liking to Gilad and is watching out for him. Father, I thank you for Your love for Gilad and I pray that as Daniel found himself strong in You, as he found himself surrounded by and protected by You right there beside Him, I pray this for Gilad. I pray for his parents, please do not allow them to loose hope. Help them Father to find hope in You. Draw them close to you and Father I pray that You will keep Gilad safe, healthy and safe from real dander until the day you release him. And, Father I pray that his release will not be so far away.

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