A Post from Monty…with Thanks

Why do I write this blog?

Well, in truth, it started as therapy – no, seriously. I had a choice, as I saw it and neither option was very attractive. I could drive Elie crazy…or I could drive myself crazy. I wanted Elie to be free of my concerns, to fully experience the army and become all that he did become…and I wanted to figure out if I had to give up sleep for the next three years of my life, learn to live with all manner of ulcers, and possibly develop a most unattractive twitch. Okay, I exaggerate…a little.

Ultimately though, I mostly learned the ways of the army and learned to cope. I learned when to give in to terror, when I didn’t have to worry at all, and how to pass the time when sleep would not come. I also realized, pretty early on, that there were other people reading my blog (a surprise at the time) who were learning about Israel. Not the Israel they read in the media, but the real Israel – and what is happening here and what motivates us. One of my favorite posts was written to someone named Tom who asked me a most wonderful question, “What’s it actually like in Israel?

Well, that may be one of my favorite posts, but this is one of my favorite comments – thanks to Monty from New Zealand – with much love from Israel! Monty wrote:

I visited Israel from New Zealand with my mother in 2010. We are not Jewish but she wanted to go there and wanted company so took me. I was hesitant at first having heard all the “news” stories. I loved it, from the Sea of Gallilee to Haifa, Tel Aviv beaches, Golan Heights I just loved it. The only place I didn’t feel safe was Bethalem which i can only describe as vile. Jerusalem was divine. And the food! Problem for me is I so want to go back there I can’t stop thinking about it! Best wishes to you. Love your blog which i found through Twitter.. 

I’m so glad you visited with your mother and oh yes, Jerusalem is divine! Come back soon!

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