A New World of Communication

When Elie was in the army, our major forms of communication were phone conversations and SMS text messages. If I wanted to talk to him, I called or sent him a message. If he needed something or had the time, he’d do the same. Shmulik calls less often, mostly before Shabbat or when he’s getting ready to come home. But I can still hear from him in a new and unexpected way. It feels almost like eavesdropping.


I am friends with my sons on Facebook and can see their posts, their pictures, their comments. I watch Shmulik’s comments with his friends and see his interactions. I am constantly amazed by the number of friends there commenting about all manner of things. It’s very hot where Shmulik is – one of the hottest places in Israel. He hates the heat and he loves to come home. He writes when they are going out to the field. More, he simply communicates with his friends and it is fun to watch.

This is a new world of communication; a new way to see your children and hear what they are doing.

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