A Need to Explain

Sometimes, as I stare at a blank screen and know I want to write something, I hold back. It’s easier to hold back here on this blog than other places because here I am only to write about my sons, about being a mother of a soldier, of several soldiers, here in Israel. That’s my agreement, isn’t it? Why you come back here? Why you find this place and read it?

But I don’t want to write of my sons right now. I want to write of my anger, my confusion, my concerns, and perhaps above all else, my inability to understand the simple formula that runs this world. It is no longer politically correct to hate Jews. At least that much we have accomplished since Hitler ruled the hearts and minds of Germany and in so doing, led our people to the brink of disaster and the world into the valleys of war.

Today, those same people who once hated the Jews, understand they cannot go around with the same old lies. They don’t work. And so, born of the old hatred, there is a new one. They hate Israel. Israel is, suddenly, all things evil. More evil than Iran, more sinister than Syria. More violent than Sudan, Sri Lanka. More tyrannical than the Russians. We are most likely the single most hated nation in the world. It would be humorous, given our size, if it were not so sick. More, it likely borders on insanity when given how many times we have sent our sons and daughters to foreign shores to help others. Haiti, Kenya, Turkey, Indonesia. We did not question the religions or nationalities of those who needed our help. Nor, sadly, did we question their humanity.

We flew to Turkey – as with other places, the first to arrive. We risked our lives to save theirs. We donated while their rich Arab brethren sat on their hands and counted their obscene oil dollars. We were there to pull them from the rubble. Perhaps it is we that are insane.

Now, a new flotilla is forming and I wonder how dumb we will be this time. As always, Lebanon is quick to taunt. This time, they are sending only women, they say and as if this is some sick child’s game, dare to play the “what, are you afraid of girls?” card. As I said, it would be funny if it were not so serious.

So, let me take a moment and introduce you to some of the women of Islam. Some women who believed that in murder there is salvation; in terror, there is martyrdom. These, perhaps, are similar to those that will go on the flotilla. As the men of the Mavi Marmara prayed for their 72 virgins in heaven, these women will pray to that same illusion.

Actually, according to a study in 2006, it was found that while the men are praying for their virgins, most female suicide bombers are praying for atonements for their sins. Whatever their past sins, they are nothing compared with the sin they committed in those last moments of their lives. In any case, you will shortly hear more about the women’s flotilla, and when you do, please think of these women (and the nameless others that have been and most likely will be…in the name of Islam):

  • Hanadi Jaradat murdered 20 people and wounded over 60 in the Maxim restaurant in Haifa in October 2003. She carefully positioned herself between two tables filled with people to maximize the damage she would cause. Among the 20 murdered people were 3 generations of 2 entire families, including two young children and a baby.
  •  On January 17, 2002, the Israeli teenager Ofir Rahum was kidnapped and murdered with the help of Amna’a Mouna, a journalist and Fatah activist from Ramallah. 
  • On August 9, 2001 a suicide attack took place in the Sbarro restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem. The suicide terrorist was brought there by Ahlam Tamimi, also a journalist, originally from Jordan and living in Ramallah. She was also involved in gathering operational intelligence prior to the attack. In addition, Ahlam was responsible for planting a bomb concealed in a beer can in a Jerusalem supermarket on July 30, 2001. To this day, as she sits in an Israeli jail, she is not repentant and has said she only wishes she had succeeded in killing more. She is one of 1,000 being demanded by the Palestinians in exchange for Gilad Shalit.
  • On August 3, 2001 an attempt was made by Iman Asha, a Nablus woman, to plant a booby-trapped package in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. 
  • On August 31, 2001 a booby-trapped package carried by Abir Hamdan, a resident of Nablus, exploded during her journey from Tulkarm to Nablus, apparently as a result of a ‘work accident’ during preparations for carrying out an attack on a restaurant in Hadera.
  • An academic and a nurse by profession, Wafa Idris was divorced without children due to her being barren, and previously worked at the Red Crescent Society. To save herself the shame of being unable to have children, Wafa blew herself up while managing to murder two people and wound 90 wounded in on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem (Jan 27, 2002). 
  • Ayat al-Akhras, was 18-years-old when her two brothers took her to Jerusalem to kill herself. She murdered two people wounded 22 others as she approached a supermarket in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood on March 29, 2002.

There are many, many others – you too can Google and find the names and atrocities. All I want to explain is that when you hear Lebanon is sending a boatload of women to Gaza, remember that it won’t be Mother Theresa on those boats. It could easily be yet another Hanadi Jaradat or Wafa Idris. Because sometimes, perhaps most of the time, certainly too often, women are as ready as the men to murder in the name of Islam.

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  1. Indeed they could (and some of them probaly will) be. However, as we approach the 17th Tammuz (the anniversary of the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago), we should also look at ourselves. Last week we saw some serious Sin’at Hinnom (mindless hate) between strictly observant Jews who don’t want their daughters from families of European origin learning with those of North African/Middle East origin.
    I fear that until all Jews will be united the situation will only get worse.

  2. You write beautifully. You are very compelling, and in your current post you hit the nail on the head as usual.

  3. Sink the ship! Israel should not risk its soldiers’ lives to find out whether they are peaceful activists. From Hezbollah, they won’t be. Yes, Israel will be condemned by the world for it. But your own son shouldn’t become a beautiful obituary to spare the Jewish State bad press to keep itself alive. That is always important to remember – preserving Jewish lives should be the principal obligation of Israel’s leaders.

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  5. 72 virgins

    its a mess;


  6. Lets not forget Reem Riyashi. I was reading her story last night and my eyes filled with tears – For her oppression, her motherless children and the two soldiers, the policeman and the security worker she took with her at the Erez crossing. The worst part? That she had ‘always dreamed of turning my body into deadly shrapnel…I always wanted to be the first woman to carry out a martyrdom operation’.

  7. All I can say is- I am one American, who loves Israel and it’s Jewish occupants. Blessings, my friend. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  8. Here’s a view from the other side of the wall of your little world. I am afraid you are the murderer, Soldier’s mom. That’s why we hate Israel. You have committed genocide because you think you are something special that you can take what doesn’t belong to you. Not just Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc but America! It’s a resistance movement, mam, against fascism and evil. You are Europeans and you should go back and take Israel with you. You don’t belong with the Arabs. I am white American mom with 3 sons in college. We would never allow them to fight in this war of evil imperialism. I would sooner send them to Palestine with a bag of rocks to throw at your brood. yes, armed with rocks while yours have OUR weapons, (and our money) how ironic, yes? Shame on you, shame on all of you fascists and when you war with Iran you will get what’s coming to you. God willing. You and the evil Zionist puppet Arab regimes. I must thank your currant stupid government. Keep pushing it, by all means! The Americans are getting to know you, it’s the end.

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