A Mother’s Perspective

I watched this video – I’d seen pieces of it elsewhere. What got to me was one of the last lines – that this will stay with them forever. I don’t think Aliza will ever forget what it is like to be so afraid; afraid that a missile will come down on her home; afraid to go out and be too far away.

I had to explain to her – and to others, the order of what to do during an attack. “Why haven’t they prepared people in Jerusalem for this?” I was asked today. And the answer is that the army has been telling us for days what to do in case of a rocket attack but we who live so far never believed they would fire at Jerusalem. And now we do and so gone is that small measure of security. I find myself listening for sirens, imagining how long it will take me to run up the stairs and get everyone down to the bomb shelter and I imagine, sometimes, that they will never forget these days. I certainly won’t.

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