A Message to Iran and Obama and Us

So, two concepts here. The first is self-reliance and never ever depending on others to defend our lives. The second is determination.

Below is a video showing Israel testing its own bunker buster missile. It has been reported that Obama offered US support in upgrading our bunker bombing abilities – on the condition we agree not to attack Iran before the November elections. To me, that is equivalent of blackmail.

What is interesting here (and cannot be ignored) are two facts. The first is that this bomb/missile was developed by the Israel Military Industries – a government-owned enterprise. The second is that this video was released to the public.

It serves as a message to many:

To the Iranians: don’t think you are safe because Obama will cripple our ability to defend ourselves. Don’t think you are safe while you plan, plot, and develop Israel’s destruction.

To the Americans (mostly to the Obama government): Israel knows more than most what it is to be helpless and at the whim of others. We will not be helpless ever again. We will stand on our own, defend our own. We are so grateful for your help, but if the need is there, we will rise to it. Israel will not fall again.

To the Israelis and Jews all over the world: If you will it, it is no dream. The words of Theodore Herzl remain true, each day, each year, each challenge.

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