A Message from the Moderators…well, Me Anyway

I have several long posts to make about Shmulik. I’m mulling them over before posting because he’s in a period of change. I was afraid at first to post and make Shmulik look bad. I was afraid to post because I thought the army wouldn’t handle the situation a certain way…or more, I was certain they would. I was wrong…or so it seems at this tender moment in the process. If what I hope will happen does happen (how’s that for a mystery), I will have been happily proven wrong. So, even though I thought to post things as they happen here – allowing you all to experience this aspect of being a mother of a soldier – the uncertainty in a transition, the hope, disappointment and hope, etc…I haven’t done that.

I had this once before with Elie when the army offered to have him be a commander for a unit with girls in it. It was not something that Elie, as a religious soldier, felt comfortable doing. He’d made his preferences known at the beginning, as was his right in the army, and then the army put him in a position that they had specifically asked him about. I was worried then what they would do with Elie – the army treated him with respect, allowed him to honor his beliefs, and still found a solution for all. Then too, I didn’t feel I could post until the situation was resolved and wondered how I could post without making either Elie or the army look bad.

So, I’m sort of in that period now – thus the break in posts. I’ve written one long post explaining, but hope today to have the conclusion of this long period and then I’ll post it. In the meantime, I have another one I’d like to make now…

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