A Matter of Cruelty

Gilad Shalit was kidnapped from Israeli soil more than 900 days ago. During all that time, Hamas has sought to use his capture to hurt, to threaten, to blackmail Israel. Contrary to international law, they have refused to offer any evidence of his medical condition, allowed little or no real communication between Gilad and his family.

And today, to increase the family’s pain and in the hopes of weakening the resolve of our soldiers and leaders, reports are being released that Gilad Shalit was injured during an Israeli air attack. Rightly so, Egyptian news agencies and all media outlets are immediately clarifying that there is no confirmation that these rumors are anything more than an attempt to hurt the family.

The IDF is quick to point out that Gilad is an asset of great value, one that will be guarded well. The Palestinians themselves have set his worth at well over 1,000 Palestinian lives. So, since we all agree the Palestinians wouldn’t be stupid enough to endanger so valuable a commodity, for there is little doubt they fail to see Gilad as anything more than that, what this rumor comes down to, is a matter of cruelty.

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  2. May God bless Israel & the poor families worried about their kidnapped servicemen & others. I find this story heartbreaking, but we shall not give up!!! USA

  3. May the G-d of Avraham,Yitzak, and Yakkov, protect and strenthen both your son and Gilad

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