A Lake that Man Created

It is the arrogance of man to make a lake in a desert. It goes against nature, doesn’t it? And yet, despite laughing when I first heard the dreams of our mayor to build a lake in the desert, I have to admit, I am completely won over. That’s right – Mayor Benny Cashriel and the Jewish National Fund have done…well, what Israelis have been doing for 100 years (even before the State of Israel was re-established) – we’ve been making the desert bloom.

This week, in honor of the holiday of Sukkot, Maale Adumim held a “Happening” near the lake and thousands attended. It was wonderful – music, arts and crafts, games, tents, sunshine and, oh yes, our lake.

Because pictures speak louder than words – the lake that man created in a land that needed our nurturing love. It is true that while there were always Jews in the land of Israel – throughout the 2,000 years in which the majority of Jews were exiled from this land – still, the land waited for our return. No other people – not the Turks, not the British, not the Muslims/Arabs/Palestinians/Romans/Philistines, etc. ever loved this land or developed it as we have.

We have returned to the land and under our hands, the land returns as well.

A lake – it really is. Fish and a water fountain with colorful lights; and in the far distance, to the left – Jerusalem; to the right – the Dead Sea…amazing, no?

A new cafe on the shores of our lake…and the homes of Maale Adumim above…

An arts and crafts fair on the shores of the lake – some of Maale Adumim in the hills above the lake – and the beautiful palm trees we have planted in our desert.

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